Luxury Home Improvement Ideas

There is something satisfying about being proactive in improving your quality of life. Whilst options don’t always come our way, if able to, adding luxury features that make your home more accessible and expandable to different scenarios can give a huge amount of security. These are some home improvement ideas that could add a little more luxury into your living space:

Get a Hot Tub

There’s a reason why hot tubs are one of the go-to luxury home improvement ideas for many. An efficient means of reducing stress, relieving pain, and promoting comfort; the hot tub is a tool for recovery as well as relaxation.

Some conditions a hot tub can help with are:

Muscle pain



Mental health issues



Injury recovery

Luxury Home Improvement Ideas - hot tub

Also, a perfect place to relax with your partner and talk; tubs are fantastic places to relax, stare at the stars and share romantic memories together. There are many reasons to add one to our list of possible home additions.

Invest in Smart Tech

Smart technology has pros and cons; but one of the most notable benefits is how enabling it can be. If you aren’t very mobile or are very busy; being able to handle lighting, door communication, heating and such remotely can make your quality of life significantly better.

Tech like this can increase energy efficiency, enable reporting to identify usage patterns and help the homeowner find new degrees of convenience and flexibility in their living arrangement. Not only this though, but if implemented correctly; smart technology can also maximise the home security functionality if that is a concern.

Install an Elevator

Home elevators were once exclusive to the extremely wealthy, or those who are in medical need. However, recent years has seen a surge in appreciation of domestic lifts in the UK. When you step back and look at the benefits, it’s readily apparent why.

The most obvious reason, is of course, accessibility and future proofing. Domestic lifts are incredibly enabling once mobility issues set in, given that movement is known to reduce with age; they’re good investments if looking to continue independent living. It’s actually a safer option for children, the elderly and the disabled alike; but if moving things about the house, it is also much more secure in that context too.

Naturally, there are many other great benefits to getting a home elevator though; they add the property value and can save space (you can even install the domestic lift to an external wall if you wish).

Design a Wellbeing Room

If this sounds a little vague or ambiguous, it’s because it is. Wellbeing, relaxation, and recovery looks different to all people. It could be a mini yoga studio with bright lighting, a sensory controlled room for SEND children, a personal reading space, or an entertainment room.

Games room. Luxury home improvement ideas

The idea is focus on what makes you, or members of your family, feel relaxed and calm when needed. Think about whether you prefer open space, decoration and so on, then plan accordingly. Of course, ideally every room should be relaxing but sometimes day-to-day life is stressful and having a space designed to combat stress for the most vulnerable in your home can lead to an all-round happier and better quality of life.

Other Luxury Home Improvement Ideas

Do you have other luxury home improvement ideas? What would your dream house modifications be? Let me know in comments!

*This is a collaborative post

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