Looking After Your Wellbeing: 5 Self-Care/ Wellness Activities

Self-care and wellness can come in many different forms. There isn’t a one solution fits all approach to looking after yourself; it depends on the person, their specific needs and personal preferences, and the situation. But here are some self-care ideas you might like to consider…

Vacation/ Staycations

From time-to-time, we all need to get away from the daily routine. Holiday experiences can therefore be an important tool when it comes to personal wellness. There are a few reasons for this; decreased blood pressure, sensory stimulation and stress reduction are chief among them. So, if you need to step away from the usual pace of life, consider getting away for a while.

Art Retreats

There is something satisfying about being creative. One way to combat stress is to focus on the creative part of the brain. Art is an effective outlet for handling emotions and experiences; as a result, it enables an improved state of wellbeing.

By participating in the arts, we contribute to a continued state of mental and emotional wellness. Whether music, drawing, writing or any of the other artistic pursuits; there are a number of retreats available worldwide to help you scratch this itch.

Art retreats take visitors outside of the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life to a place where creativity is naturally fertile. They are a good option for those looking to rediscover their passion for life, or both simultaneously relax and be productive at the same time.

Wellness Spa Days

Relaxation is vital to a healthy mind and body; it helps release those important chemicals into the brain that make you happy, sleep better and foster a healthy immune system.

So it isn’t surprising that health and beauty retreats are so popular. We all need to be looked after sometimes and focusing on personal wellness drastically increases quality of life. It is well worth looking into booking some spa days in Yorkshire or wherever you are located, for a much needed pampering getaway.

Wellness spa

Personal Time for Wellness

Personal time can mean a couple of different things. What you need, and how much of it, depends on the type of person you naturally are; what revitalises you and what drains you. Humans are inherently social, but private time is essential. That doesn’t necessarily mean time alone though; it can mean time with a partner, or whatever you need it to be.

A truth of SEND parenting is that this can be incredibly difficult to achieve. However, finding a way to do the things you love, either with your partner or alone, is an important practice when it comes to personal wellbeing. This can be watching a movie, listening to music, going out, or whatever it takes to recharge your batteries.

Green and Blue Space

Vacations, creativity, pampering, and relaxation are all fabulous ways to rebalance yourself and maintain (or recover) your state of wellness. However, another act of self-care is putting as much of the natural world in your life as you can.

Humanity is inherently connected to nature; being around plants and flowers puts us at ease. Equally, spending time around bodies of water and absorbing the atmosphere slows the heart and reduces tension.

Wellness in nature

Nature therapy is remarkably effective. Therefore, another good wellness habit to adopt is regular visits to the park, local woodlands, and beach.

Also consider how you can bring elements of these locations into your home and everyday life. A few plants and the odd water feature can bring unfathomable amounts of happiness, and its those smiles in the little moments that make all of the difference.

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