Live Music Venues S.O.S #SaveOurVenues

Live music venues across the country are currently at risk. This is genuinely a distressing and heartbreaking thought for me, and for so many many others; going to gigs is one of my favourite things to do. It is fun, relaxing and therapeutic, and holds special memories too. For others, independent live music venues are the foundation of their career, or their actual business. The extended closure of these venues, with little support, is a threat to the wellbeing of a great number of people, with far reaching long term affects if they are unable to survive this. In short, these venues are an important part of our communities and our culture.

This is why the Music Venue Trust has set up the nationwide #SaveOurVenues campaign. The aim of this is to help independent venues across the country to stay afloat during these difficult times. You can donate to the national #saveourvenues Crowdfunder campaign here.

You can also ‘Adopt a Venue’ by donating to a specific grassroots music venue’s individual fundraising campaign. Check the “Venues in Crisis” map to see a list of venues that urgently need your help. There are hundreds of places on their map to support; funds donated to individual campaigns go directly to your chosen venue. Check out more information on the Music Venue Trust Save Our Venues website.

Adopt A Venue: The Horn, St Albans

The Horn Live Music Venue #SaveOurVenues

My local grassroots music venue is The Horn. I have so many fond memories of this place and it is one of my fave ever live music venues (and not just because it is nearby!) It has the most amazing atmosphere, such a friendly vibe. I have been attending gigs at The Horn for over 20 years and have been lucky enough to see loads of awesome bands and artists in that time; from cool cover bands to incredible tributes, as well as undiscovered talent and fresh new sounds too. I would be devastated if this place closes down for good! You can support The Horn crowdfunder here… please, please do! (If you can, of course).

#SaveOurVenues Tee (The Horn)

Music Venue Trust have also just launched a cool Save Our Venues tee that you can get by pledging £20 or more to the grassroots music venue of your choice. All funds go straight to the venue, as the cost of the t-shirt has been absorbed by the Trust. Grab yours via Save The Horn fundraiser here!


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