A Few Life Skills For Adolescents With Growing Independence

It can be daunting being a teenager, with growing levels of independence – and responsibility. We all want to become the more accomplished possible version of ourselves, but how do we actually achieve that? Here are a few simple tips – life skills for adolescents – to think about for those at that stage of life. Also useful perhaps if are the parent of a young adult too…

Personal Wellbeing

A goal in life, in my opinion, should be to enjoy what you do while learning new things along the way. Of course, we also have to ensure that we’re providing for ourselves; so having a job that we truly enjoy is important too. We spend alot of our lives working, so it positively impacts our wellbeing if we do something we love. In turn, it is detrimental to spend much of your daily life doing something you hate. So, in short; try to find your passion and generally focus on personal wellbeing. You will lead a happier and more fulfilling life if you do.


Some people don’t like the idea of having a rigid schedule as they prefer more freedom. Others like to have a plan for each day. What is important is figuring out what works best for you, whilst still achieving whatever needs to be done too. Some people like to create bullet journals with little tasks that are ticked off once completed. Even if you live life relatively spontaneously, a level of organisation is still needed to avoid falling behind with tasks and deadlines or getting overwhelmed by daily chores. Just find a strategy that works for you and best fits with your approach to life.

Learn How To Navigate Around Your Area 

This sounds like a very simple idea, but lots of people do not know their bearings when it comes to even their hometown. When you know your routes and know where everything is, you feel more confident, capable and independent. If you need to get home after a day or night out, or you need to head to the store to quickly buy something, then you can just head straight there without stress. The perilous feeling you get of not knowing your way around a particular place can transmit to other areas of your life and make you feel more uncomfortable and anxious. 

Know Who To Call If You Get Into Trouble 

Life isn’t always going to be a smooth ride full of positives. You’re probably going to, unfortunately, run into a few negatives every now and again. Life naturally has its ups and downs. It’s just a case of knowing what to do when issues strike. It’s good to have professionals in your phone that can help you, such as plumbers and electricians. It’s also wise to have some quality legal solutions in our contact list should we need them. 

A Few Life Skills For Adolescents With Growing Independence

Attitude and Approach To Things

If you’re always open to learning, then you’re going to pick up a lot more information along the way. This positive attitude and forward-thinking behaviour will not just stay with you when you’re looking to learn new things, it’ll stay with you through every aspect of your life. Being open to new ideas and hoping to take in new info will allow you to become more accomplished over the years. 

These are just a few simple life skills for adolescents. I would love to read further suggestions, so do add yours in the comments!

*This is a collaborative post

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