Learning Packs by Undercover Hippy Bus (Review, Discount Code and Giveaway)

Finding good quality useful educational resources is a priority. I find the core subjects are generally well covered. But sourcing activities that offer something different – thinking about the wider scope of valuable learning opportunities, such as children’s mental health resources, for example – is somewhat harder. Therefore I was delighted to discover the brilliantly produced range of learning packs offered by Rachel from Undercover Hippy Bus.

There are several different learning packs available, starting at just £2.99 per topic. These are focused on two main subject areas; nature studies, and mental health.

The nature themed packs include the following topic titles:

Animal Nature Study Pack – £2.99
Plant Nature Study Pack – £2.99
Tree Nature Study Pack – £2.99
Brilliant Bees Learning Pack – £2.99
Solar System Themed Study Pack – £2.99
World Explorer Study Pack – £2.99
Butterflies Montessori Cards – £3.49
Edible Plants Montessori Cards – £3.99

The mental health topic titles are as follows:

Healthy Relationships – £2.99
Mindful Emotions – £2.99
Self-Awareness – £2.99
Meaningful Craft Activities – £2.99
Self Care for Families – £2.99

And last but not least, the pack I reviewed…

The Ultimate Children’s Mental Health Pack – £9.99

This mental health learning pack is excellent value for money, as it contains all of the mental health topics listed above, combined into a particularly useful multi-topic bumper pack.

Each topic is well chosen and carefully explored in a sensitive yet clear way, through well-presented visuals and simple activities that really focus on each topic effectively, without information overload. For example, there is a fab visual mental health toolkit to help children reflect on what is needed for a healthy brain.

A particular highlight for us personally is the Healthy Relationships topic. The circle below describing the various factors that support a healthy relationship is now up on our wall at home as a helpful visual reminder, and for us to refer back to when needed. It is a useful tool for discussion, and helps to identify how we should treat others and expect to be treated ourselves. This is a beneficial tool for potential issues such as bullying, or dealing with frenemies, too. And any adult who has experienced unhealthy toxic relationships in the past, will no doubt find it easy to see how valuable – essential infact- it is to explicitely teach this concept to children, so that they grow up with awareness and insight of healthy relationships (and therefore an understanding of what isn’t).

Undercover Hippy Bus Healthy Relationships Learning Pack
Please do not use or replicate this! It is available as part of the Healthy Relationships pack to purchase. Thank you.

Each section of the Ultimate Children’s Mental Health Pack offers concise, manageable chunks of truly valuable learning opportunities and is a springboard for further discussion too. This style really works well for us.

The learning packs are sent as PDF files and can then be printed off for personal use. Whilst the website states that it supports community use and is therefore happy for you to share within a small group, which is really lovely of them! However, alot of time and energy has clearly gone into producing the packs and I would personally therefore suggest purchasing a set each, if you are able. (And of course please do not redistribute to large numbers; this would not be in the spirit of things!)


The Undercover Hippy Bus Learning Packs are wonderfully enriching resources and the Ultimate Children’s Mental Health Pack provides absolutely essential tools for development in my opinion. I completely and wholeheartedly recommend these learning packs to everybody. They are extremely useful for those struggling with emotions, or people who find social communication and relationships difficult (so those on the autistic spectrum, for example) but are also highly beneficial to anyone else too, of all ages. Each pack contains exceptionally high quality content; incredibly well thought out, meaningful exploration of topics, and presented in a clear concise way. I feel they are excellent value for money and entirely worth investing in! It is rare I am as impressed with resources as I was with these.

Shop for Undercover Hippy Bus Learning Packs here.

Discount Code

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Learning Packs by Undercover Hippy Bus


Undercover Hippy Bus have kindly offered the chance for five lucky readers to each win The Ultimate Children’s Mental Health Learning Pack. Enter via rafflecopter below.

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Good luck!

*Disclosure: Rachel from Undercover Hippy Bus kindly sent me the Ultimate Children’s Mental Health Learning Pack to review free of charge, and offered the giveaway prize too. As always, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

20 thoughts on “Learning Packs by Undercover Hippy Bus (Review, Discount Code and Giveaway)”

  1. These are a great idea. Children’s mental health is really important and there isn’t always enough professional help available on the NHS due to lack of funding.

  2. This looks as though it would be a very useful tool for autistic adults as well as children. Thanks for the review

  3. Mental health awareness is something so undervalued by our current educational system. More focus needs to be put into it within the education sector, we as parents need support too as life has so many ups and downs. Resilience and Positivity is key!

  4. This is a great idea especially at the moment. Learning that certain emotions are ok and normal to feel, and how to manage them is an important life skill.

  5. So glad I’ve stumbled on this post. This would be fantastic for my son, he’s very quiet and sensitive but quick to react to certain situations. Definitely looks like a very helpful tool.

  6. Children’s mental health is so so important! When I was a child I struggled with undiagnosed autism, I went to see a GP when I was just 12 begging for help, I was mainly presenting with social anxiety but I was told ‘don’t be silly- children don’t suffer with anxiety’ it took me another year before I went to see a different gp and got referred to children’s mental health services- it took until I was 21 years old to finally be accurately diagnosed as having Aspergers Syndrome.

  7. Im very interested in this. My son has some problems being able to tell us what is wrong, so he writes posters with faces as his way of telling us he is sad, or upset, or angry etc. I feel very out of depth to know how to help him express his problems earlier so they dont get so big, this would be a lovely kit to help us both out I think.

  8. We are really trying to support our daughters with their mental health through this time. What a great set of resources.


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