Learning About Bees #30DaysWild

As I mentioned briefly in a recent post, I started reading abit more about bees – initially beekeeping in particular. However, I then found some lovely resources that I wanted to share with you all about bees. After all, these hardworking pollinators are vital to us yet are in need of greater understanding and protection!

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This short blog post by Raising Little Shoots has some great YouTube links. One of them demonstrates how sometimes tired, thirsty bees are in need of some sugar water to help revive them/ give them the energy needed to fly off. We did this ourselves recently, with a few drops of sugar water on a spoon for a little bee in our garden who was crawling around but was clearly exhausted. Afterwards, he went on his merry way!

Global Guardian Project also have a special edition capsule all about bees, which you can read more about on this blog post.

Do you have any bee facts? Please share them, it would ‘bee’ lovely to read them! 

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