Is Laser Hair Removal A Safe Procedure?

Generally, most laser hair removal processes are safe ones. Certified doctors prepare one with such an experience by providing you with all the do’s and don’ts. A licensed nurse too can prep you up with details like when to visit a spa, is there a need for visiting the swimming pool while you are mid-way or about to begin a session.

So how does one prepare for the laser hair removal?

To begin with, make sure you inform your doctor of any medical history you may have.  Things like sensitivity, skin diseases, disorders, allergies and scars. If you are visiting the expert for a second time, make sure you inform the current doctor of your experience. Mention all doubts, including risks and expectations. It is a good idea to take a before and after picture of the laser hair removal process.

Is Laser Hair Removal A Safe Procedure?
Laser hair removal on ladies legs.

Lasers; a little caution and some standard practices

Make sure you have a decent budget and perhaps a little more for the expensive treatment. In the beginning, you may find the laser hair removal process is expensive but it is really economic in the long term. Overall, as a procedure, lasers are harmless although there are several cases that call for special treatments depending on the sensitivity of the skin. The process itself takes about two to six weeks, per sitting. As far as the precautions go, all doctors provide you with before, during and after treatment advice. Before the treatment he will ask you your medical history, allergies, etc., during the treatment, you’ll be asked to wear special goggles to protect your eyes from the laser beam. Doctors usually have assistants who would guide you along the way and possibly re-shave some of the areas that need a little more cleaning. Once that is done, most dermatologists apply a topical anaesthetic on your skin before the laser beam penetrates it.

The essential aim for any laser process is to target the hair follicles. So you can rest assured that the doctor you are visiting for a session would follow all protocols needed for completing the process. As a precaution, you would also get a long list of don’ts for best effects of laser therapy. Common amongst these are avoiding the sun, usage of a broad-spectrum sunscreen as prescribed by the doctor. Dermatologists also prescribe certain anti-inflammatory drugs considering the sensitivity of your skin and colour. Laser treatment is never pain-free and you might experience some numbness and possibly some swelling as an after effect of the laser procedure done.

A word of caution

Most doctors prepare you for some breakouts, redness and bumpiness in the treated area. This is considered normal and this usually subsides on its own within a span of 24 hours. Avoid getting the procedure done during a weekday, as returning to normal activities right after treatment may bring in a little reluctance; psychologically speaking.

Physicians almost always stress that it is not just the procedure but the aftercare that is very important. Thus avoid exposure to the sun, be extra cautious if you are not and use a good SPF sunscreen, or possibly a sunblock on the doctor’s recommendation on the places of treatment. Another point that can’t be stressed enough is the application of lotions; especially those that are laden with dense fragrance. Try to avoid these for a week’s time at least. 

*Article contributed by Austin K

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