Is Las Vegas A Family-Friendly Travel Destination

When you hear the name Las Vegas, most people think of an adult only travel destination. I have seen it referred to as an adult’s playground; an apt description. But could Las Vegas also be considered for a family-friendly vacation too? As would be expected, there are pros and cons to planning a trip here with kids in tow, and it certainly isn’t an obvious choice for family holidays. So let’s look at some of the considerations, and benefits, to travelling to Las Vegas with children…

Las Vegas strip

Travelling Around Las Vegas

The first consideration is how you will get around the strip. Cabs are strict at not allowing younger kids in without car seats, so remember this – especially if that is how you intend to transport from the airport to the hotel! Once located at your place of stay, assuiming it is somewhere along the strip itself and not further out, it is possible to walk right down the strip even with little ones in tow, despite the desert heat, as there are plenty of buildings with air con to dip in and out of along the way. But do plan to allow plenty of extra time though; there will be alot of distractions and stop offs!

Consider Your Child’s Needs

If your child is a sensory seeker and likes plenty to do, then Vegas can certainly provide this. However, if your child gets overwhelmed easily, and doesn’t enjoy hustle and bustle, they may struggle. It is worth baring in mind that it is hard to get away from the constant stimulation and find a change of pace; so it might be sensible to take into account your family’s need when considering Las Vegas as a destination choice.

You will also need to keep in mind that some areas are out of bounds for children; the casino floor is the obvious one. However, it is worth noting that even some pools have age restrictions, as will some shows.

Family-Friendly Shows and Attractions

Talking of which, some of these world-renowned shows would potentially be family-friendly and an absolute wonder for children! As would a few of the excursions and other attractions no doubt. If you are looking to make the most of these, it would be an idea to check out the Las Vegas Vacation Pass for good value access to a range of experiences.

Is Las Vegas Suitable For Kids?

So all factors considered; is Las Vegas suitable for kids? Well, that depends on a number of things; such as the age of the children, what their particular needs are and what interests they have.

The biggest question I would ask yourself is why are you choosing Las Vegas for a family vacation? Could you get childcare and go on an adult only trip there instead perhaps? However, whilst Vegas doesn’t lend itself naturally to kids generally, there are plenty of parts for them to enjoy, and it can be made into a fun trip for the whole family if there is good reason for choosing it as your destination. And that is, of course, something only you can decide!

Bellagio fountains Las Vegas

5 Things For Kids To Do in Las Vegas

If you do go ahead and opt for Las Vegas with kids, here are 5 must see/ must do things for families:

• See The Bellagio dancing water fountains
• Cool down at the water park
• Go watch the wonder of Cirque du Soleil
• Visit the Discovery Children’s Museum
• Enjoy the fun of Circus Circus Adventuredome

Do you have any tips for Vegas with kids? Share in comments!

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