Ironmongery Interior Designs Tips for Summer 2020

With everyone doing DIY jobs around the house during lockdown, have you been wondering what you could do to give your home an uplift without spending much? Changing up the ironmongery is the answer! Replacing these little details will have a big impact – trust me! 

And if you are not sure how to decorate with ironmongery or simply need some inspiration, I’ve put together some of the best ironmongery interior design tips and trends to give your home the uplift it requires.

Go all out with matte black

Ironmongery Experts UK, an architectural ironmongery business, published an article on their blog dedicated to the advantages of black ironmongery. Not only it is effortlessly classy and elegant it is also highly practical as it suits any coloured interior. 


Have fun mixing metals

Mixing metals might seem like too much of an out-of-the-box idea for some, but don’t let this stop you!  Mixing metals in your kitchen or your bathroom is a great way to add visual interest to the room. 

Bathroom interior design

And if you feel like mixing gold and silver is a bit too much out of your comfort zone, start by mixing together metals with some neutral tones – this could be black and gold metals or pewter and chrome.

One piece of advice, don’t overdo it. As this article on the British Style Society says “the last you want is visual clutter, so if this is your first time mixing metals, maybe stick to three metal tones to start with.”

Add some elegant golden hues

Life With Baby Kicks recommends rose gold, metallic gold or champagne gold metals to give your interiors a bit of luxury. Imagine these polished brass cabinet handles on a deep green or navy blue kitchen cabinet? Dreamy, right?

Kitchen ironmongery

Don’t forget about texture

Texture is as important as colour. No more flat, plain and uninviting rooms, add textured ironmongery to your interiors to make them that bit more interesting. Plus, textured door handles, for instance, offer an increased grip  – the perfect balance between aesthetics and function! 

Textured door handle

This article was written by Ad Lab, an eCommerce agency based in Bishop’s Stortford.

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