Indigo Herbs Irish Moss: Review

We’re all so busy that balancing our own needs, and our health, along with everything else can be daunting. Having a quick, easy way of getting the body what it needs can feel like the only reasonable course of action sometimes. Smoothies are fantastic for this! So, when I was invited by Indigo Herbs to try some Irish Moss, which can be used to thicken smoothies, I was extremely excited to experiment with this.

Indigo Herbs Irish moss. Image is Irish Moss, Indigo Herbs packet and fruit in smoothie container.

What is Irish Moss?

Irish moss is full of nutrients. It is a superfood packed tightly with minerals and amino acids; it is exceptionally high in iodine, which is known for its contribution to healthy thyroid function, and an undeniably excellent source of sodium, calcium and magnesium. It also has an abundance of sulphur-containing amino acids, such as taurine, which are often absent from vegetarian diets.

Also known as carrageen moss or chondus crispus, Irish moss is a type of red algae that grows along rocks in Europe and North America. Although typically red the colour will change in its various states; it could just as easily be green/yellow, purple or brown.

Commercially, Irish Moss is used as a thickener and stabiliser in a wide variety of products (including ice cream) and a clarifying agent in various beers. For home use, it can be used for smoothies, and vegan recipes. In remedies it is also used as an ingredient in congestion relief or even an aphrodisiac solution in some parts of the world.

The fact is that Irish moss is versatile; it is used industrially, commercially and in numerous home remedies and recipes. Scientific studies suggest there is very good reasons for this.

Indigo Herbs Irish Moss. Seaweed on plate, packet.

Why is Irish Moss So Popular?

There is strong evidence that red algae such as Irish Moss (it is a seaweed and not an actual moss) in your diet will greatly aid digestive function, skin, hair, nail development, mental health and thyroid support. This food is a metabolic enabler and can help with weight loss. The high levels of potassium chloride reduce build ups of mucus and phlegm too; making it perfect for cold and flu season. And it will boost the rate you recover, as it is a natural antiviral agent which helps detox the body of infections. Like many ocean veggies, Irish moss also detoxifies heavy metals from your system.

The health benefits of the seaweed are vast; so it’s of little surprise that Irish moss is a popular ingredient for health enthusiasts. Naturally, the ingredient can be a key component in vegan recipes too. It can be boiled, blended, turned into gel, turned into powder and much more. The texture and taste compliment many other ingredients and it works as both food and medicine.

Indigo Herbs Irish Moss: Review

Indigo Herbs Irish Moss Review


Whilst there are many ways to prepare Irish Moss, we decided that the best approach would be to follow the instructions supplied on the packet. It suggests to soak for 20 minutes, simmer for 12-15 minutes and then add the thickened water and moss to the blender. We did this without any problems.

Irish moss preparation

Next we added some chia seeds, fruits and vegetables to our smoothie with the seaweed blend. With the use of a high-quality blender, this is all there is to it. We blended for a few minutes and it was ready to drink.

In terms of preparation, there is only one thing we’d do differently. In a rush, the prep time might be a little too long for some people. So, what we would advise instead is creating a gel by blending the Irish Moss and water alone, storing in the fridge and then adding a little at a time across the week to your smoothies. This way, you aren’t taking on that longer prep time with each drink you make.


The seaweed was dried, as expected of course, and a greeny-yellow colour with a healthy sea veggie smell to it. On inspection; it certainly seems to us that this is a high quality ingredient.


It goes without saying that what you add to your smoothie will make a big difference to how it tastes; we believe that having some sweet fruits would work particularly well. However, we found a combination of berries, seeds and cucumber complimented the seaweed taste well (this was with little organisation and more grabbing what was to hand!) My lovely partner in crime might have liked it a little sweeter but that is down to personal preference and easily achievable. We were both happy with the results though. The texture of the drink was perfect and there was no lingering overpowering ocean taste.


Large clear fonts are used to explain some of the key health benefits and nutritional highlights on the front. On the rear, information is segmented and easy to read. The packaging itself states what the product is, how to use it, where to store it, and the nutritional values. It is made very clear that this is a vegan product too. The packet itself is quite large and resealable. I like the fact that there is not excess packaging and unnecessary plastic, making it relatively environmentally-friendly.


The 100g pack tends to cost just shy of £10. For a high quality raw superfood, this seems reasonable.

Indigo Herbs Irish Moss smoothie


What we found is that the Irish Moss thickened the smoothie well, was a delicious ingredient, very simple to add to the drink, and the packaging we found very informative and useful. The only thing to bear in mind is that there is some prep work involved but this can be done in advance to avoid disruption. With the health benefits, taste, and the ease that it can be added to your diet; it is hard not to recommend Irish Moss. We are impressed with this product and are looking forward to making other things with it soon!

Purchase Indigo Herbs Irish Moss here.

*I was sent this product for the purpose of review and compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are honest and our own.

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