If The Benefits Of A Law Career Weren’t Obvious Enough, Here’s A Reminder

It’s no secret that people in the legal profession tend to do very well for themselves. But unless you know just how well, it is often hard to see why you would put so much effort into getting a law degree in the first place… 

If The Benefits Of A Law Career Weren't Obvious Enough, Here's A Reminder

The job environment for legal graduates is amiable right now. Data from 2018 shows that there is a growing demand over in the US for students arriving from law programs, a 25 percent increase from 2016. I believe it maybe a similar story over here in the uk too.

There is also a vast range of opportunities within the profession. Becoming a legal professional isn’t just about representing clients in court accused of criminal acts, but also across a variety of industries. Take the business community, for instance. Company managers want people who can help them navigate the sometimes tricky tax and intellectual property minefield. Families need legal professionals too for things like allocating wills, divorces, and complex financial arrangements. 

People who invest in a legal education also open themselves up to opportunities working abroad. Law firms often have offices all over the world, including places like Toyko, Frankfurt, and Moscow. 

Finding a quality program and enrolling in it, however, can sometimes be a challenge. Legal professionals need not only certification but also credentials from a good school to attract the eye of company hiring managers. The following infographic shows some of the opportunities available to legal graduates, as well as data on how to find a top-ranking program. If you’re interested in a legal career, take a look at some of the benefits on offer below. 

Infographic by University of Southern California

*This is a collaborative post.

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