How To Move House With Kids

Moving to a new house can be a stressful time for families with children. If they’ve lived in the same house from birth, the happy memories they made can be hard to leave behind. New friendships will also have to be discovered. And then there’s feeling comfortable in their new surroundings. But there are ways you can make a move less stressful. Read on to find out our top tips…

How to move house with kids

Be honest

Don’t be tempted to hide the truth from your children. It can seem easier to say your children will be able to have new gifts at their new home if they aren’t looking forward to the move. But if you can’t keep your promise, trust can be broken. Explain that moving to a new house is a new and exciting time in their life. Ask them how they feel and offer support. If you can, go for a walk or do something they enjoy like going for a meal to help them to relax.

Make plans to revisit until it becomes easier

Completely leaving the past behind can be a scary thought. You will need to move on but take things slow. Even if you explain to children that new memories can be made in their new house, they might still feel upset. Plan trips to visit key places near the old house, like a nearby playground they enjoyed going to when they were little; as time goes on, replace this with locations closer to your new home.

Keep in contact with friends

Adults and children need someone to talk to through difficult times. Moving to a new house is tiring and emotionally draining so having someone on the other end of the phone can be so useful. Children who have nobody to talk to might lose their confidence. Encourage exchanging numbers and addresses but make sure you and your child call. Arrange social catchups regularly or if you can’t talk on the phone and make use of social media.

Plan and take things slow

Take your time and plan before moving your belongings and furniture. Doing this runs the risk of leaving favourite children’s toys behind or sentimental items like jewellery. Keeping a checklist is a great idea. Plan to move valuable items first, and remember that storage units can help to keep things safe during transit and when you arrive at your new home.

Before you move house, you must avoid rushing things, especially if you have children. Make sure you talk to your children and listen to their feelings before and after the move. Also, make plans to visit your old house and places with strong memories attached to them, keep in contact with friends, and use a reliable storage unit together with a checklist to keep things safe and secure. Take a look at options for self-storage here for storage units nearby that could assist with your move.

Using the above tips, hopefully you and your family can aim for a less stressful move and ultimately be happy in your new house.

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