How To Make Your Living Room More Relaxing

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Many say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is debatable! There is an argument to be made for the living room; the space where most children play, and we snuggle into the sofas in the twilight of our days. It’s a space that is all about comfort but how could you make your living room more relaxing?

How To Make Your Living Room More Relaxing interior design, home decor, wellbeing, relaxation

Natural Light

Good use of light in your living room is guaranteed to raise your spirits. Natural light (especially during the day) is critically important as it helps with mood and energy levels. Lack of it is strongly linked to depression, insomnia and a decline in focus. It is believed that natural light exposure helps our bodies maintain their natural circadian rhythms, helping us feel more alert and less tense.

To introduce more natural light to the room you should consider light tones on the walls and have your ceiling a shade or two brighter; this helps the light bounce around the room more effectively (plus it will also give the illusion of more space). Having curtains that open quite wide, and netting that isn’t overly thick (or none) helps too, as does not overly cluttering the living room (easier said than done with children!)

Go Green

It’s no secret that plants relax us as they naturally purify the air we breathe. In fact, spending more time around greenery can even be known to reduce coughing and fatigue. If you spend a lot of time indoors either working or entertaining the kids, having a little nature in your environment can do wonders for your wellbeing and even lead to better mental health.


Having blankets handy leads to quick and easy access to comfort. This is especially true when looking to snuggle up with a loved one, or to get cosy during a cold winter night. There is nothing more relaxing than making yourself comfortable and getting lost in music, a book or some trash TV.

Pick Your Furniture Around How You Prefer to Relax

Think about your situation and what naturally de-stresses you. (Of course consider the space you have available too).

If you have kids, it most likely makes sense to have a family sofa. But do you also have a double seat for you and your partner to cuddle up close on, if you have one? Or your own comfy chair to relax is another possibility. Something like these British Riser Recliner Chairs look perfect for chilling!

Express Your Interests

If you’re an avid reader a bookcase can be therapeutic too. Or a music enthusiast might have their sound system front and centre, and wall art depicting their favourite bands or albums.

There is no need to be traditional with your living room if that’s not who you are. Expressing yourself and creating a room that is authentic to who you are (or who your family is; with photos, momentos or other special items) will help make the space you are living in feel more like your own.

What relaxes us varies from person-to-person. However, taking the time to make the space where you unwind at the end of the day the comfiest it can be will help improve your quality of life significantly.

How do you help your living room to be more relaxing? Leave a comment!

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