How To Make The Most Of Your Bathroom

The bathroom in your home can be a great place to retreat to when you want to relax. Water can be very soothing and therapeutic, and a soak in the bath can really help to relieve any tensions from the day. Here are some of the ways to make the most of your bathroom…

How To Make The Most Of Your Bathroom, interior design, home decor, homes, relaxation, wellbeing

Ensure Privacy

Most bathrooms have a lock, which helps to maintain privacy. However, if like some family bathrooms (mine included) the lock is missing though, it might be worth considering getting that sorted! It feels better knowing no one can come in while you are trying to chill.

Minimise Disturbances

Try and pick a time most free from disruption. Whilst this can’t always be controlled with children, carving a time of day (even if it is 1am in the morning!) that is your own uninterrupted time helps to find that mindset.

Create the Right Atmosphere

Try to soften the lighting, or turn out the lights and light some candles instead. Augment the experience with audio. Ambient noises, an audiobook or music all help find the right state of mind. Of course, this might be harder if you opt for a shower, but the sound of running water is also very relaxing too.

Pamper Yourself

Pick some lovely (eco) bath or shower treats to use. Perhaps find something with your favourite scent. Or try out a new product for your hair, skin or face; you could even have a go at making your own! DIY natural face scrubs and bath bombs are both relatively simple, fun choices.

Shower or Bath?

Some people prefer baths, others like to shower. For many, it just depends on mood and how much time you have. If you are a huge fan of showering over taking a bath, you might want to check out new shower enclosures, or disabled showers if applicable, to enhance your experience. It is potentially an investment worth making if it is a strong favourite in your home, or if your bathroom (or en suite) generally needs updating.

Prepare for After Your Bath or Shower

Warm your towels on the radiator, or invest in a heated towel rail. This makes leaving the bath or shower comes with a warm, welcoming feeling. A nice snuggly finish to your relaxation time!

What are your favourite bathroom pampering products? How do you make the most of your bathroom?

Tell me in comments!

*This is a collaborative post.

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