How To Look After Your New Car

Most of us probably buy a used vehicle, rather than a brand new car. But if you do invest in a new vehicle, there’s a lot to remember to do to keep it in great condition over time. Here is a guide on how to look after your purchase…

Try to Brake Smoothly

If you suddenly brake, then you risk wearing down your brake pads. Of course, if the hard brake is to avoid hitting someone or something, then absolutely it’s necessary to do so for safety reasons. But if you can avoid slamming on the brakes, then slowly is better so that your car will function properly for longer; a smoother slow down is better for the vehicle. Keeping the braking system working well is important.

Remember to Check Fluid Levels

When you buy a new car, you might forget that things need topping up. From the coolant to the windshield washer fluid, there are many liquids to pay attention to. Check these levels regularly to avoid damaging the engine over time. Having a system run without enough oil could wreck even a new vehicle.

Don’t Overpay on Car Insurance

Just because you’re the first driver of this automobile doesn’t mean you have to spend more than you need to on insurance for it. Check around for cheap car insurance to get the best quote with the coverage you need. If your family has more than one vehicle, consider insuring them together to get a better rate potentially. Choose from many choices, including comprehensive, third party, and fire and theft.

How To Look After Your New Car

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Give the Car a Good Run

This one might surprise you the most. Long drives are better for a new engine than shorter ones. The reason is that long drives give your car’s engine time to warm up. Meanwhile, it’s only just reached close to the ideal temperature when you pull back into the driveway on a short trip.

Don’t Pile the Car Full of Stuff

While you might want to fill the car with lots of bags (and people), avoid doing so, if you can. Overloading is bad for any car. And it’s especially problematic during the early part of the vehicle’s life.

Final Words on New Cars and Your Lifestyle

Whether a brand new car is right for you and your family, or not, depends on your lifestyle. You’ll want one that is comfortable and has enough seating for everyone, with extra seats if you tend to drive the kids’ friends around a lot too. If you buy new, remember the tips above to make the best of your investment!

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  1. Don’t Pile the Car Full of Stuff. That made me smile. It’s weighty and it’s rather unpleasant but it’s also difficult to avoid if you have children and pets. Interesting post, though, particularly the long run. Thank you.


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