How to Disinfect the Carpet (Carpet Cleaning Advice)

In the situation nowadays, you know that everything inside your home must be well disinfected. When we say “everything”, we mean it! Probably you have not thought that you have to disinfect the carpet as well. The ordering carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will not be helpful in this situation. Disinfection is incredibly important, especially if you step on the carpet with the shoes, you have been wearing outside. Also, if you suffer from some kind of respiratory problems or if you have small children, you should not underestimate how important steam carpet cleaning is.

The purpose of any disinfection is the destruction of harmful microorganisms that cause infectious diseases. However, not a single carpet disinfection destroys microbes completely, but only reduces their number. Prevention is the best way to prevent infections. Therefore, fresh air, sunlight and daily ventilation of the room where the carpet is laid will already be an effective way to combat microbes. Windows should remain open while you’re hoovering the carpets. Do not rush to close them after you finish hoovering.

How to Sanitize the Carpet

Safety is one of the main requirements for carpet disinfectants in the living room. Vinegar fully corresponds to it. It has excellent disinfectant properties, tested, highly effective and affordable. Suitable for processing carpets with natural pile. It is not recommended using it for synthetic products. To disinfect a carpet, prepare a mixture of one litre of water and one tablespoon of 9% vinegar. The carpet is treated with this mixture using a soft brush. An additional and pleasant effect of processing the surface of the carpet with vinegar is the removal of simple stains from the surface of the carpet.

High and low temperatures kill germs. Therefore, carpet steam cleaning, the action of which combines high temperature and pressure, will help to cope with the task of carpet disinfection. To prevent waterlogging of the carpet pile, use the scheme of work “from the centre to the periphery.” As an alternative to steam carpet cleaning you can use an iron with a steam generator. An extension cord is required to work with it. Do not place the iron directly on the carpet, as you can damage it.

Winter provides an additional opportunity to disinfect the carpet at a low temperature. Carpets are carried out on a dry frosty day outside and left unfolded for several hours.

A universal carpet cleaning product and disinfectant is sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda well known to all. It is used for disinfection and at the same time as a deodorant. A few drops of aromatic oil with antimicrobial properties (cedar, juniper, lavender, spruce) are added to a pack of soda. The carpet is evenly sprinkled with the prepared mixture. Three hours later, soda is collected with a soft brush from the periphery to the centre, and then the surface of the product is vacuum-cleaned. The bonus of this treatment is additional purification of contaminants.

How to Process a Carpet from Fungus

How to sanitize a carpet, if there are fears that it has become a source of infectious diseases? It is enough to walk on the carpet with bare feet to a person with nail mycosis, so that it becomes a potential source of infection with the fungus. In this case, it is better to carry out disinfection with the use of professional carpet cleaning services. Besides deep carpet cleaning and removing all the dirt from the carpet, it will be cleaned of other harmful microorganisms and mould.

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  1. Great advice! I could do with doing this. You do t think of how many germs there are lurking around the carpet!


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