How To Create The Ultimate Kid’s Room

Most of us will have fond memories of our childhood bedrooms. Whether you were sharing with a sibling or you had your own space, your room was your adventure playground away from the boring adultness of the rest of the house where you could play until your heart was content. Now we’re the boring adults, it’s up to us to create the same sort of magical experience for our little ones, but how do you go about doing so? Here are a few tips for creating the ultimate kid’s room…

How to create the ultimate kid’s room

Nail the layout

The first thing to consider is how the room is set up. Kids need space, and plenty of it, so they can run around until their heart’s content. Make a cramped room and your child might feel a tad claustrophobic and unable to express themselves as they want to.

Of course, with the mountains of toys, books and general gubbins that children traditionally have, creating an open layout is easier said than done. Even so, you should look to devote around 50% of the room to floor space.

Safe, practical and flexible décor

To create space, you’re going to need somewhere to put the clutter. While it might sound boring, practical storage will play a massive part in making the room fun. Consider furniture pieces with built in storage – perhaps get one large unit to work along the perimeter of the room. You can find kid friendly pieces that serve this purpose, or if you’re looking to keep things classy, you can use something like a pretty Cotswold wardrobe.

Storage shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind when it comes to the décor. Think sensibly with easy to clean surfaces and fittings and remember to keep away from sharp edged furniture.

Don’t be shy with the colour

In the modern world of subtly styled interior design, kids’ rooms remain the one location where wacky designs and out-there colours are actively encouraged. You want to take every opportunity you can to spark your child’s imagination, so make sure their space in the home is kitted out accordingly.

That starts with the colours you use, with bright colours proven to stimulate brain development in youngsters. Beyond that, don’t be afraid to add posters and artwork that help keep the mind firing – you could, for example, add posters that talk about dinosaurs or astronomy.

Speak to the owner

If you’re really struggling for inspiration, why not talk to the chief resident of the room about what would make their space extra special? Naturally, you’re going to have to wade through the more off-piste suggestions (of which there will probably be plenty) before you get to something you can actually do, but you might just find there’s something they’d really like that you haven’t thought of.

The room is, after all, theirs and your priority is undoubtedly creating the best experience for them. So, have a chat with your little one and see what they say – they might just have the best idea of all.

Creating the ultimate kid’s room does present a bit of a challenge – you need to be safe and practical, yet fun and inspiring at the same time. However, with a bit of careful thought and planning, and maybe even a helping hand from the owner themselves, you can build a wonderful space that’s perfect for making great memories.

*This is a collaborative post

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