How To Achieve The Classic Rustic Look

With a rustic style interior growing ever more popular, you might find yourself wondering how you can get the look in your own abode. With all the complications of modern life, many of us lust after something with a little natural charm. We’ve come up with some tips to follow so you can fulfil your rustic dream!

How to achieve the classic rustic look

Don’t be afraid of dark colours

Many of us worry that if we purchase dark furniture, paint our walls dark and go for dark flooring, then everything will end up gloomy. The answer is yes – too much of anything is never going to work. However, don’t be afraid to introduce dark colours and woods, they add a real authentic and classical look to your space. Just make sure you mix it up, light colours paired with darker ones make for the perfect contrast without the danger of a gloomy and unfriendly room and of course it also looks super rustic!

Dark wood for your floors has that gorgeous, distinctive old world feel, creating a distinction between your home and the modern world.

Lots of wood!

No matter your taste, wood complements nearly any interior. A good place to start is your flooring; it’s usually the first thing you notice and can make or break a room. Of course, real wood flooring is the best option – authentic, classical and will offer a real luxurious feel to your room. With a rustic interior, there’s two main routes you can go down. The first would be a rich chocolate walnut brown that’ll really offer a plush feel. The second would be to go for an ABCD, otherwise known as a Rustic grade floor, which is a stunning wood product with the material having no limits to the natural imperfections of knots and grains. This means that it is full of character and charm, no better choice for a rustic interior. Remember – you want to keep things as natural as possible with rustic!

The same works for furniture and walls too – a wood feature wall is a great route to go down, with many homes now having this fantastic addition, or even exposing original wooden beams, giving that country cottage style.

Traditional fabrics

Fabrics are an important part of any interior, and it’s no different with a rustic one! In fact, they are one of the most important features in order to add charisma to your room. Tartan, velvet and wool are ever popular and will really complement the wood in the room. You can enjoy these fabrics in many different colours too, but especially deep warm tones such as emerald green and burgundy.

Lax colours

With wood featuring heavily in your interior, soft colours for the rest of the room would really enhance the relaxed sense you’re trying to achieve. Tactile colours that blend in with your furnishings is the best way to go, while still adding to the character of the room. Don’t feel like you have to make everything plain however, for example patterned wallpaper can work well as long as you don’t overdo the patterns – the last thing we want is a clash of too many patterns!

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  1. I went to a little b&b the other day and they had upcycled old church seats and used the original wood beams to make this gorgeous rustic look! It was fab.

  2. Interesting post! I have always been too frightened to use dark colours and busy wall patterns but I might give them a try when I start redecorating soon.


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