Un-Gardening: What Is It And How Can You Get Started?

People put so much effort into creating the perfect garden with carefully curated flowers and a ruler straight lawn. But is that really the best way to deal with your outside space? Have you ever considered un-gardening? This post tells you about what it is and how to do it….

Plants in the wild are not cut and moved around all the time to create the perfect aesthetic, they are left to grow and thrive, and we should take the same approach in our own gardens. That’s why the un-gardening movement is becoming so popular. By letting your garden do its own thing, you can create a natural space that encourages more wildlife and different plant varieties to thrive. It’s also a lot less work on your part and if you manage it in the right way, it can still look amazing. So, how do you get started with un-gardening? 

Look For Local Inspiration 

If you want your garden to be as natural as possible, stop planting things that normally grow halfway around the world. Instead, see what plants grow naturally in the area and use those instead. You can do some research online but you can also just go down to some local wooded areas and see what you can find. Use a plant identification app to work out what they are, and use those local plants in your garden. The climate is perfect for them so they will grow and thrive without too much input on your behalf. 

Swap Your Grass For Clover

Grass lawns are not very sustainable because they require a lot of water and people tend to use a cocktail of chemicals to keep them green and weed free. They also make it difficult for other plant species to grow. If you want a more sustainable option, go for a clover lawn instead. It still looks amazing but it’s much better for local wildlife and other plants can thrive alongside it too. It doesn’t require as much maintenance either. 

Add Some Wildflowers 

Embracing the idea of un-gardening helps you create a space that is so much better for wildlife, especially bees and insects. If you want to give it a little boost to get things going, you should scatter some Wildflower Seeds around. They grow very easily and you don’t need to do much with them once you have scattered them. Bees and other insects love them and they give lots of nice colour to your new wild garden. 

Un-Gardening: What Is It And How Can You Get Started?

Stay Away From Pesticides 

The whole point of un-gardening is that it’s supposed to be natural and you should let plants grow as they normally would in the wild. Plants don’t get pesticides or fertilizers in the wild, so your garden shouldn’t need them either. As long as you have chosen local plants that thrive in your climate, they will do their own thing without any input from you. Removing the pesticides and artificial fertilizers will make the garden more eco-friendly and protect local wildlife. 

If you want to create a garden that is kinder to the planet and easier to deal with, un-gardening is perfect for you. Instead of stressing about creating the perfect garden, just let it do its own thing. 

*This is a collaborative post

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