Types of Steel Shims and Steel Packers

Whether you want to know more about steel shims or are simply curious about the types of steel shims available, today is your lucky day. I’ve partnered up with Speedy Fixings, UK tooling and fasteners supplier, to talk about all things packers and shims.

Speedy Fixings stock steel shims, plastic shims and a variety of other packers and shims alongside other products. They are a local UK business that is dedicated to supplying and manufacturing these types of products to the civil engineering and construction industry. So, they know a thing or two about shims.

“Speedy Fixings stocks a variety of building materials that you might need for your next home repair or renovation project. Need angle brackets? Speedy Fixings has them. Need bolts and screws? Speedy Fixings stock coach bolts, wood screws, drywall screws and much more.” Says Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum.

What is a steel shim?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary,  a shim is “a thin, often tapered piece of material (such as wood, metal, or stone) used to fill in space between things (as for support, leveling, or adjustment of fit)”. These thin pieces of material are used to fill any gaps in between objects. This is done, as the description mentions, to offer support, adjust or to level.

What is the difference between packers and steel shims?

Packers and shims are names interchangeably used to describe the same thing piece of material that we’ve described as a shim. So, if you’ve been confused about these names appearing close together… now you know!

Types of packers and shims.

Square shims.

Types of steel shims and steel packers. Square shims

Square-shaped shims come in a variety of sizes and materials. This includes mild steel square packers, stainless steel shims and spun galvanised mid steel packers.

Horseshoe shims.

Horseshoe shims

Horseshoe shims feature a horseshoe shape and are available as square packers or rectangular packers. These are also available in different materials, including galvanised steel square horseshoe packers and pre-galvanised rectangular horseshoe packers.

Hi-load shims.

Hi-load shims

Hi-load packers or shims are designed to withstand high impact loads without deforming or shattering. Speedy Fixings stocks bulk packs of these shims or individual shims.

Custom made shims.

Custom made shims. Types of steel shims and steel packers

Bespoke packers and shims can also be done in house at Speedy Fixings. Their team can manufacture a wide selection of custom shims to meet your requirements. Contact their team to discuss any specifications and dimensions you require.

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