Top 6 Practical Home Modifications

Home modifications for the elderly reduce accident risks, especially falls, and encourage independence in their homes. Falls are a contributing factor to why seniors lose mobility and independence in homes. Home modifications are essential in reducing risks and enhancing safety for seniors. Here are a few ideas for motivation if you are planning a home modification for an aging parent to make a difference for their comfort and safety.
Install Grab Bars

Modify a home by installing railing or grab bars in hazardous areas like bedrooms and bathrooms. They offer people with mobility issues the extra support they require to prevent slip and fall accidents. You can install grab bars in the bathtub or shower and near the toilet because the surfaces are slippery. You can also get an expert to install grab bars near beds based on a senior’s needs.

Kitchen Modifications

Most of the kitchen modifications entail making appliances and other things easily accessible by seniors. For instance, you can get an expert to raise the dishwasher or install adjustable height sinks. It is also advisable to make cutting boards and pull-out shelves easily accessible. Installing multi-level kitchen countertops is an excellent way of accommodating seniors who stand while preparing meals. Consider installing a side-opening oven since it is safer than a swing door.

Home Extensions

Consider a home extension to make the most of your living space. It will add value to your home, enhance curb appeal, and add extra space for seniors to live comfortably. A home extension is an ideal way of modifying a home to accommodate the needs of a senior. Park Lane Extensions will give you inspirational ideas for a home modification to meet an older adult’s needs.

Top 6 Practical Home Modifications

Medical Alert Systems

One of the best home modifications for seniors is installing a medical alert system. The system enables monitoring seniors and reaching out to contacts and emergency services in case of a fall. You can use the alarm systems on wearable devices like a bracelet or necklace and smartphone apps. The systems also have two-way speakers for direct communication between the senior and their emergency contact.

Outdoor Ramps

Adding outdoor ramps to your home’s entry is a practical way to accommodate wheelchair access. The idea is also ideal even for seniors who don’t use wheelchairs. Outdoor ramps get rid of the need to navigate steps that make it difficult for seniors to maintain balance. Consider installing indoor threshold ramps to install them in doorways to give a seamless surface to move from a room to another.

Flooring Modifications

Flooring is an important consideration when making home modifications. You may consider changing an old carpet with a shorter nap carpet to reduce the tripping risks and make it easier for seniors to navigate the home with a wheelchair or walker. While laminate, hardwood, and tile floors are smooth, they are more slippery than carpeting. Consider using throw rugs on a vinyl, hardwood, or tile floor to prevent trips. Remember to tape the throw rugs down securely.


Some of these home improvement ideas can be costly, but they can help you to save life and money in the long-run when you avoid the cost of health expenses. The proper home modification increases the comfort of your loved one and safety levels. You can customize the modifications to your personal needs.

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