Smart Ways to Transform Your Garden Space

If you’re looking to completely transform your garden space to make it even more amazing, there are a lot of really smart and simple things you can do to achieve your aims. Here are some of the best garden design ideas for your consideration:

Add zones 

Creating distinct zones in your garden is a great way to give it a designer touch when you transform your garden space. Simply think about how you’d like to use your garden and create a unique space from each activity such as eating, playing, or relaxing. You can zone off areas using plants, bamboo screens, flower walls, or whatever you can think of really, and it will look amazing.

Garden rooms

Adding a garden room at the bottom of your outdoor space is a great way for you to make the garden space useable in all weather. It’s a fun place where the kids can hang out and enjoy their toys, you can sit and relax with a cup of coffee or perhaps one of your hobbies, all while taking in everything the garden has to offer.

If you want it to look truly amazing, be sure to paint it a pretty shade like pastel pink or sunflower yellow and add lots of cute accessories like Persian rugs, bright beanbags, plants, and flowers to continue the garden theme.

 Smart Ways to Transform Your Garden Space


If you want somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy the garden, then buying some timber for decking and using that to build a clean sitting area is a great way to go,. Once the decking is sown, you can add a nice set of patio furniture and maybe a grill, and it will be the perfect garden zone from which to relax, eat and talk. It will also be much easier to manage than lawn space and look much warmer than a concrete patio area.

Plants for privacy

If you don’t have enough privacy in your garden, one of the smartest ways to change that is by adding lots of plants that are high enough to give you some. From hedgerows that will keep the neighbor’s prying eyes away to tall trees that will stop you from being overlooked at every angle, using plants to box off your garden is far more beautiful, not to mention relaxing, than fences and wood solutions.

Plant vertically

If your a plant lover, as well as planting flowers and greenery on the ground floor’ of your garden space, you should also think about planting upwards. You can do this by fixing plant shelves to walls and fences, and then placing tubs with your favorite flowers on them. Doing this not only gives you more space for plants, but it also transforms drab walls and fences into something green, luscious, and living, which is never a bad thing. 

Happy gardening!

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