Is Vinyl Flooring Really As Good As Said?

You may have heard many people piping the values of having luxury vinyl flooring within their home, but it’s important to understand that whilst there are many vinyl flooring brands, all of them tend to have the same levels of protective qualities and ease in laying and caring for.

Among the most well known and respected brands on the vinyl flooring market is Quick-Step luxury vinyl. And it’s not just one style of flooring that this brand covers – they cover styles replicating real hardwood, stone, slate, marble and many other replicated designs for your floor.

It has been hugely popular in the commercial sector by providing shops, offices and other kinds of businesses with a durable and cheaper alternative – but it is the domestic vinyl flooring that the product has evolved. The perfect imitation of wood and stone, as well as its abstract options, has made luxury vinyl flooring for domestic use highly recommended by interior designers and decorators nationwide.

Is Vinyl Flooring Really As Good As Said?
Gourmet kitchen features white shaker cabinets with marble countertops, stone subway tile backsplash, double door stainless steel refrigerator and gorgeous kitchen island. Northwest, USA

Not Tacky

When it comes to vinyl flooring, people choose Quick-Step luxury vinyl down to its relative ease on the home budget. 

With flooring costing anywhere between £20-£90psm and around the figure of £15psm to install if a floor has been levelled, the costs come down to the quality and design – with relief to the purse strings to boot. Luxury vinyl flooring is soft and pliable, it makes it easy to cut to how you want it to be, making curves and uneven surfaces an easy obstacle to get around.

With Quick-Step, vinyl goes beyond the ability to have any level of expressive pattern design. If you are looking for differing motifs, Quick-Step provides diverse strips and borders to provide fabulous finishing touches.

Is Vinyl Flooring Really As Good As Said?


You don’t need to understand all of the terms regarding vinyl flooring, you just need the imagination and the understanding of just how much easier it makes for you daily – and it does.

Luxury vinyl flooring is one hundred per cent waterproof which is a huge relief against those spillages that come along. This factor alone makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms alike as long as it is properly sealed to guidelines. The bathroom alone opens up a lot of design opportunities to match with porcelain looks.

You may opt for imitation stone or woods in various colours or you could mix and match throughout various rooms. You have choices of plain colours or bright as much as you have a choice in vast abstract patterns giving your floor character. If you don’t like the thought of using adhesives to glue down tiles then you can opt for click smart ranges that don’t require it.

Yes, vinyl flooring provides a lot of satisfaction for a home where you have the world at your feet and a lasting guarantee that keeps you smiling for decades. 

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