How To Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

Interior design has boomed in the last 12 months, with households having more time than ever to touch up the inside of the house, to repaint and spruce up the previously neglected rooms that have fallen victim to the time-poor. Multiple lockdowns and time spent on furlough may have seen the interiors getting the attention they deserve, but what about the exterior of your home? Are you guilty of overlooking the outside of your home? Re-deploying your home improvement efforts to the exterior of your property will improve your home’s kerb appeal, you may find more value in your home’s worth and ultimately increase your satisfaction when you return home. This can be done in simple steps or by undertaking slightly more extensive projects. No matter what renovation projects you take on, it would be a wise idea to look into warranty covers and discover more information on how to protect your new home improvements. Here are some ways you can upgrade your home’s exterior…

Upgrade your driveway

Off road parking makes any home more desirable and more expensive; if you do not already have a driveway or space for off road parking, consider the steps you can take to implement it. Have you got the space on your land outside your property to park a car or two? Is it currently a front garden or unused space? If so, contact your local council and inquire about the feasibility, cost and steps you need to take to obtain a dropped kerb and access to that spot of land to make it into a driveway.

If you already have a driveway, is it time for an upgrade? A new driveway will make your home appear well kept and more costly. There are many different options for upgrading your driveway, and you will want to be sure to choose the right material. Tarmac is often a very popular choice as it is very weather-resistant and hard-wearing. It can also be beautified with some simple brick edging. Tarmac driveway prices are also some of the more reasonably priced options available. Other options include gravel, block paving or concrete.

Upgrade your Windows

The effect of changing your windows should not be underestimated. It can completely change the perception of your house, especially when the upgrade is uniform with the overall scheme or design of the house i.e. you have a front and/or garage door that compliments your windows. Recent window and door trends have been in varying shades of green. While these greens have suited both modern and traditional properties, they have helped traditional properties keep their character and yet find their place in the contemporary world. Another very en trend colour scheme for windows is the darker grey tones, which team up nicely with a modern white render. More and more modern houses are adopting this classic and expensive look.

Upgrading your windows will not only add to the kerb appeal of your house, but it will also help cut down your utilities as they are more energy efficient, and have the added bonus of reducing unwanted noise.

How To Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

Upgrade your front and/or garage door

As mentioned, having a uniform design across the exterior of your house will only serve to increase its kerb appeal, especially where the garage and front doors are closely placed. That’s not to say matching doors are a necessity as it may be that a large and colourful front door gives your house all the pizzaz it needs. A front door can say a lot about the house and its inhabitants, so be sure to shop around and pick the door that suits you and your home.

Upgrading your doors does not have to be costly. Simply repainting your door is a quick and cost-effective DIY hack that can make all the difference. If you do opt to replace the front door, then it is an improvement that provides maximum effect for minimal time and effort input.

Add some greenery and hide the bins.

These simple tips are quick and low cost but will make a world of difference to the outside appearance of your home, whether you are green-fingered or not. It doesn’t take a master gardener to place and maintain some hanging baskets or statement bush on either side of your doorway. A touch of nature outside your home boosts kerb appeal, but also mood, not to mention the splash of colour brightens the place up.

Last but not least, don’t forget about your bins. Everyone has a bin (or two), and everyone needs them, but they can be an eyesore, especially when overloaded for collection day. Where possible, keep them out of sight, around the side of the house, the back or tucked away in a bin shed.

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