How To Get More Natural Light In Your Home

Natural light is one of the best ways to make your home look beautiful. Light makes your rooms feel lighter and brighter, but not all homes let enough light in. Maybe it’s an older home with small windows, or maybe the light is blocked by a neighbouring house or a large tree outside. Here’s how you can get more light in and make the most of it…

Add More Or Larger Windows

If you’re prepared to make some more major changes or make some renovations, you could change out your windows. You could add in some more windows, or enlarge the windows that your home already has. You could also look into adding skylights or roof lanterns to let in light from above. Additions like these work the best in extensions, or on flat roofs. 

Use Lighter Colours

If you can’t face or afford major changes, look at your decor instead of your windows. Remove any statement wallpapers or any dark colours in artwork, and switch them out for lighter colours or even white. White makes rooms feel much lighter, as it will reflect natural light into the room, instead of absorbing it.  

Don’t use brilliant white paint on walls, as this can make your rooms feel cold. Off-white is a warmer shade but will still reflect light. Paint your ceiling a shade or two lighter than the walls to create height and space. Choose paint with a satin finish, so the shiny surface can reflect light. 

Add Shiny Surfaces

Shiny surfaces help natural light to reflect off the surface, back into the room, making the room more spacious. You don’t have to choose white or cream. Pale shades of blue and grey work well too. 

In other parts of the house, use furniture and accessories with a reflective surface to diffuse light. Metallic, glass, or mirrored accessories all make the most of the available natural light. Add a glass top coffee table in the living room, or hang a large mirror over your fireplace, to reflect natural light back into the room.  

Use The Right Flooring

Your flooring can be also be used as a light reflector if you choose wood, ceramic, or stone floors that have a polished finish. These will reflect a lot more light than carpeting. If you prefer the way rugs look, choose light, neutral colours. 

How To Get More Natural Light In Your Home

Trim Back Greenery

Greenery outside your house can have a big impact on the light levels inside. Take a look at your garden and trim back any trees, bushes, or climbing plants that are blocking your doors and windows, blocking light from getting in. 

Clean Your Windows

While you’re looking at problems outside, make sure you give your windows and any glass in doors a good clean to make sure that as much light as possible can get in through the glass and light up your home. 

By adding more natural light, your home will feel more spacious and be a nicer place to spend time in. 

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