How Can You Use and Maintain Fakro Roof Windows?

How Can You Use and Maintain Fakro Roof Windows?

The sunlight is very beneficial for human beings. It is a significant source of Vitamin D. Sunlight promotes healthy bones’ growth and maintenance, improves the immune system, and optimises life quality. Sunlight’s effects are not just limited towards physical aspects; it also helps optimise mental condition. It promotes the growth of the hormone called Serotonin, which increases positive emotions like happiness, contentment, etc…

Fakro roof windows have everything to do with the sunlight. They not only make your house look pretty but also improve the quality of your life tremendously.

What is a Roof Light & How to Use it?

Roof Windows are standard products, regulated under British Standard BS EN 14351-1:2010. Roof windows are always installed in the same orientation as the roof. It can either be fixed or with a movable frame. It would help if you kept these glaring points in mind when installing them;

· What path does the sun follow concerning your house and window?

· Do the windows disturb your privacy?

· Does the height of the roof window allow for easy cleaning, opening, and maintenance?

· How much glazing is required for strengthening of the glass?

· Do you require sound and thermal proofing?

By answering the questions mentioned above, you will be able to install the best possible Fukro roof windows for your house. In addition to that, you will also make their use efficiently.

How to Maintain Fukro Roof Lights?

Roof lights are easy to maintain or manage. They are a permanent fixture of your house. You won’t need to stress over repair issues every few weeks, or even months. Regularly checking them over and occasionally greasing the sliders is enough for the upkeep.

If you wish an increase in the lifespan of your Fukro roof lights, follow the suggestions given below;

1. Regular Cleaning

Windows do not only represent a practical aspect but also an aesthetic one. They enhance the beauty of your home and make your indoors look lovely. Cleanliness is one of the critical elements that represent beauty. Unclean windows not only mar the beauty but also negatively influence the structure.

You must ensure to inspect and clean your roof windows once every six months. It would help if you cleaned the grime and dirt that might have built-up. It could be anything from the bird droppings to environmental pollution.

The manufacturers suggest that simple soapy water or regular glass cleaning products are more than enough for regular upkeep. While cleaning, make sure not to lean on the glass as it might not support too much weight or be slippery.

2. Timely Repairs

Sometimes, the roof windows start to leak. This leakage may occur because of deteriorating insulation, damaged windowsills, or improper installation. This is the primary reason why self-installation is discouraged.

Make sure to call the professionals for assessment of the damage as soon as you notice. They can determine if they must repair the window or replace it altogether. Any delay might result in the accumulation of damage and reduce the life of your window or property.

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