Home Security Mistakes That You Don’t Want To Be Making

There’s no doubt that home security is an incredibly important aspect of keeping your home safe. However, small home security mistakes can change your overall property safety. So, in this post, we’re going to discuss a couple of home security mistakes that are surprisingly easy to make and how to resolve them…

Leaving valuables unattended indoors

People love to leave their curtains and blinds open because it lets in plenty of natural light, but it’s important to ensure that none of your valuables are visible through the windows. This is a common home security tip that is extremely important to follow because having valuables on show makes your home a prime target for burglars.

Use net curtains to let in light but maintain your privacy. Above all, make sure any valuables are locked away and out of view from any windows. Also keep car keys away from windows to avoid the fob sensor being cloned; many car thefts occur that way.

Not properly disposing of packaging

It’s a good idea to try and dispose of any packaging that you have, especially if it shows that you’ve recently bought something expensive. An iPad package, a new TV box, or even just large Amazon boxes will let burglars know that you’ve got expensive goods at home. Pack boxes flat in your recycling bin and make sure they are not left out on show.

Home Security Mistakes That You Don’t Want To Be Making

Hiding backup keys around the home

If you’re hiding a backup key somewhere around your home, such as inside of a pot or under a mat, then you risk opening up your entire home to strangers. You never know when someone could be watching you hide or access that key. If you leave it in the same location every time then it’s going to be an even bigger security risk; one that you don’t want to take. Always keep a spare key with a trusted person, or in a securely designed box meant specifically for this purpose.

If you are concerned that your key could have been copied, by someone who previously had access to it for example, it maybe better to just look for emergency locksmiths to change the locks. Just be sure to then keep your home more secure in future.

Privacy vs Security

Whilst it is important to enjoy privacy around the home, it is also helpful to give some regard to whether this makes your home more at risk. For the purposes of home security, places around your property that cannot easily be seen by neighbours or from the street, could potentially make your home more vulnerable. It is therefore sensible to install cameras to guard more private areas, and use security lighting to avoid leaving dark areas around your home at night.

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