Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home (AD)

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home

Every once in a while, you’re in the mood for a home makeover. In addition to rearranging the furniture and cleaning book shelves, you may also want to introduce imaginative ornaments. They help bring the place to life and maintain positivity.

In this entry, we’ll give you several simple tips on how to creatively decorate your home.

DIY Creations

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home

The best way to get all family members on board with decorations is to get them to make the ornaments themselves. When your children walk past their creations, they get a gratifying sense of accomplishment. It fills the area with positivity, providing you with a burst of energy.

Here are some clever DIY decoration ideas:

• Half-painted art

• Wooden plant pedestals

• Blanket ladders

• Book side table

LED Lighting

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home - Floately lightbulb

LED light bulbs not only jazz up a room, but they’re also much healthier than regular products. For instance, Floately’s Volta is an LED light set at 2000K, which can improve focus and relieve stress. It’s a levitating gadget that spins atop a mahogany base, providing a dynamic feeling to your rooms. There are no accompanying wires or light fixtures which makes the area more relaxed and minimal.

Unique Plants

Unique floating plant

To reinforce positive energy, introduce special plants. One of the best options again comes from Floately – a rotating plant pot that bursts with mesmerizing vibes.

It utilizes cutting-edge spinning technology to nourish your plants with thorough sunlight exposure. This allows them to grow healthier and straighter while spinning in mid-air. There are also four different styles to choose from.

It’s Time to Get Imaginative

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home

The most important thing about decorating your home is to choose items that reflect your soul and energy. This is especially important for your DIY projects, but it also holds for Floately’s collection. To find out more about their original products, visit


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