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Temporary Filling Kit: Dentemp Tooth Repair Kits (Giveaway)

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If, like me, you have ever lost a filling and not been able to get straight to the dentist, you might well have considered a temporary filling kit to resolve the tooth problem at home yourself, until you can get it sorted out properly. As a carer, it can be challenging to get to an urgent dentist appointment for myself at times, as it isn’t always possible to find short-notice childcare cover, or take my daughter along with me, especially in Covid times! Of course, this is just one example as to why somebody may have to delay receiving dental care. However, Dentemp lost filling tooth repair kit comes in handy in such an eventuality…

Dentemp Temporary Filling Kit

I was sent a couple of similar products by Dentemp to review. The first is called ‘Refill-it’ and is a cherry flavoured temporary tooth repair for lost fillings. It takes one hour to set and the set has enough for 10+ repairs.

Temporary Filling Kit: Dentemp Tooth Repair Kits

The other is a loose cap and lost filling repair kit that can be used on a loose cap, crown or bridge or as a temporary fix for a missing filling. This kit takes two hours to set and has enough for 12+ repairs.

Both kits cost around the £6 mark each. (Prices vary slightly depending on where you shop).

How To Use Dentemp Temporary Filling Tooth Repair Kit

The instructions are clear and simple, and these kits are generally quite easy to use for a temporary filling at home. I haven’t tried them for bridges, caps or crowns personally but the directions for use appear straightforward.

To make a temporary filling at home with the repair kit; wash hands thoroughly and rinse out the tooth cavity with warm water. Use the applicator to remove a small amount of material from the tub and roll it into a ball with your fingers then push it firmly into the gap. Do not lift finger up directly – scrape it along the edge of the tooth. Bite down several times to ensure it is properly in place. Rinse excess material from your mouth thoroughly. Do not eat until set.

Warning – The product should not be used if there is a throbbing pain or swelling in the affected area. Consult your dentist immediately.


To win a Dentemp temporary filling repair kit, enter via rafflecopter below. UK residents only. Comp ends 22nd November 2020. Other T&Cs apply. Good luck!

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