5 Healthy Habits To Add To Your New Year’s Resolutions List

Are you ready for this next year to be your healthiest year yet? If that’s the case, you’ve probably been prepping for a ready clean detox, chugging more water and trying to squeeze healthy habits in throughout your day. The New Year is an ideal time to start getting into different habits, since it can provide a clean break psychologically and a blank slate for you to renew your wellness. Not sure exactly what habits to start practicing? Here are some health-centered options to add to your list – and how you can keep those resolutions going strong long after January ends.

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Body

Though everyone’s health is unique and all major lifestyle changes should be discussed in consultation with a doctor before proceeding, there are some habits that tend to boost just about anyone’s health. For a healthy body and mind in this next year, try to commit to some of these important habits.

Split up every meal proportionally between the major food groups, and when in doubt, eat a wide variety of colors. Since brightly colored foods usually contain high concentrations of antioxidants, this easy rule of thumb can actually help you ensure your nutrient intake is well rounded!

Supplement your regular nutritional habits with some of the best digestive health supplements, like a detoxify drink alongside your lunch, or probiotics at the start of your day.

Instead of a rushed, crazy morning filled with stress and adrenaline, loosen up your body and relax your mind by starting each day with an app-led meditation session.

5 Healthy Habits To Add To Your New Year’s Resolutions List

For good mental and physical health, plan out your relaxation time and schedule it into your everyday planner just like you would a meeting. When you write down your “me time”, you give yourself permission to take that time just for your own enjoyment!

If you work a typical desk job, you probably aren’t getting enough movement. To combat the health risks of a sedentary day, try getting up for a few minutes every hour, getting some fresh air and walking around the office.

Strategies To Keep Your Resolutions Going Strong

As anyone who’s tried to get into healthier habits at New Year’s before can attest, sometimes the hardest part of succeeding in your new resolutions is finding the motivation to keep pursuing them all year long. Some of the best strategies to help you keep those resolutions going center on finding the right motivation – the “why” behind your habit goals. Remind yourself every day of the reasons why you want to be in better health. This could mean leaving encouraging sticky notes on your bathroom mirror or setting up phone alarms throughout the day reminding you to get up and stretch or take a drink of water. Additionally, find an accountability partner who can encourage you and remind you of the goals you set out to achieve.

Even with an already long New Year’s resolutions list, there’s always room for goals that can improve your health. Rather than setting improbable goals and giving up come February, you can get into these five healthy habits by making some small lifestyle changes each and every day!

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