Global Climate Strike: Climate Action Message to World Leaders From My 11 Year Old Daughter

Today, 20th September 2019, is an important day for our planet; the global climate strike. As our World Leaders prepare to meet for the UN Climate Action Summit in just a couple of days time, millions of youths take to the streets in more than 130 countries across the globe for the biggest mass protest in the history of the climate crisis.

Despite threats and criticisms from some people over ‘missed education’ (erm, a little reminder: education can happen outside a classroom. Infact, it happens anywhere!) children here in the UK all across the country, as well as our future generations spread all over the world, will unite in calling for climate action NOW.

Global Climate Strike: Climate Action Message to World Leaders From My 11 Year Old Daughter

As a home educated child, Squiggle of course did not walk out of school. Neither did she feel able to join in any of the organised protests and marches due to her anxiety and health issues. She did, however, still wish to join in with this cause in her own way and wants to raise her voice to be heard, like so many others. So she has written a message that she would like shared. Over to Squiggle…

i am a 11 year old child and i care about the planet and the enviroment and i want to tell the adults to be environmentally friendly and care about the planet and make positive changes and keep the parks and the sea clean and not use plastics for example packets and also plastic wrapping on fruit and vegetables and please listen becuse i care about the environment and want it to be clean and tidy and dont create rubbish and i want to be part of this big thing that children all over the world do and dont use plastic straws either creating pollution so care about the planet be environmentally friendly and listen to me.

Global Climate Strike: Squiggle's Climate Action Message to World Leaders at UN Climate Action Summit 

The children of our planet are demanding you listen to them.
So listen.

(Note to the home education critics: ignoring that she has special needs which cause developmental differences anyway, she usually remembers capital ‘I’ and generally uses full stops instead of so many ‘ands’. On this occasion however, she was just heavily focused on getting her message across; a message filled with passion, that came straight from the heart. So if you were too busy judging the writing quality the first time, I suggest you read it again).

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