Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas at Home With Moonpig

*AD-GIFTED: This post is written in collaboration with Moonpig, who kindly sent us a generous selection of gifts and credit in exchange for this post.

The beginning of 2021 has seen the UK enter its third national lockdown. It’s a confusing and difficult time; the world as a whole is not what it once was. As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’d love to share a few of our tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day (and other celebrations, or date nights more generally) at home this lockdown. To help with this, Moonpig have kindly sent me an awesome selection of delightful goodies from their range of gifts to share with you all! So, here are our Valentine’s Day gift ideas at home…

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Moonpig

I think the best gifts are ones that can be shared together; something tasty, drinks, an experience, or something to help relax together are really cool ideas. Moonpig is a great source of inspiration in this area; they have a surprising selection of gifts available, ranging from chocolate, alcohol, pampering gifts, experiences, soft toys and… well, things a little more grown up.

Personally, I usually shop online anyway, but with lockdown on force more people than ever are relying on doorstep deliveries; and whether you live with your partner or not, Moonpig is perfect for this! Here are the lovely pressies we were sent to share with each other, and all of you, to inspire some lockdown Valentine’s Day gift ideas…

valentines day gift ideas from moonpig


Day-to-day, celebrating our love is more about communication, intimacy and togetherness. However, atmosphere can really help get in the spirit of celebrations too. Flowers can be an uplifting addition to the home, form part of the overall celebration and be something to enjoy together. Moonpig has a huge range of flowers and plants to choose from, including the gorgeous bouquet of mixed roses we were sent. So romantic! Ideal for ‘setting the scene’ and adding to the atmosphere of this special occasion.

valentines day gift ideas for her

Bath and Shower Pampering Products

Having a shower together, or a relaxing soak in the bath, is a lovely way to spend a romantic evening. These deliciously scented vegan bath slabs and shower steamers by Miss Patisserie are a sensual addition to pamper each other with during this wonderful intimate time. You could even add a Yankee Candle to set the mood too.

bath slabs as valentines day gift ideas

Drinks at Home

Moonpig sell a selection of alcohol delivered to your door; miniature vodka samples and full size bottles, beers and ales, wine and champagne, and this limited edition Edinburgh Gin. Drinks at home make a fun night in with your partner, or for a virtual date night.

valentines day gift ideas for him and her

At-Home Date Night

This one is intriguing! At this point I am not entirely sure what an at-home date night experience is exactly, but it sounds like an entertaining way to spend an evening together! We have a gift card and will be booking soon, looking forward to it! They also sell family nights too.

Don’t Forget the Card!

Moonpig of course also has a fab range of personalised cards for all occasions, including Valentine’s Day! Whether you are looking for cute, funny, photo or a little naughty humour, you will find what you need there.

best valentines day gift ideas
Shop Moonpig gifts here.

Other Valentine’s Day Ideas


Intimacy comes in all different kinds of forms and music is an especially fantastic way of spending time together. I find myself thinking of the live music scene a lot; it’s something my partner Aaron and I miss doing. Though we miss the nights out, and special events we shared together prior to COVID-19, that doesn’t mean we can’t share special times from home.

Infact, this is something we have done, and will continue to do, regardless of the pandemic. It can be a Spotify playlist of your favourite songs, a pre-recorded gig, or even a live streamed show. Sharing the experience, singing along, dancing together, and getting lost in the atmosphere is intimate and makes for a magical evening. What’s more, if you need to keep the volume down for any reason, you could always wear headphones, snuggle up and still get the experience that way.

A Games Night

This can mean many different things, and that’s what’s so exciting! I have already mentioned the At-Home Date Night experience and we are excited to try that out! As well as this, you could:

• Explore a virtual world with a partner, if you have a games console (there are plenty of videogames out there perfect for shared experiences).

• Whip out a board game and get lost in the delightful experience of that.

• Try an interactive online escape room, or another similar experience.

Interactive at home experiences for couples to share are a fantastic way of spending intimate time together. The reason I like this kind of entertainment is that it is so much fun to communicate and co-ordinate in any context, but this has you thinking together in a novel and fascinating way.

The Classics

There is also nothing wrong with falling back on the old favourites for a romantic night at home; snuggling up to a movie, ordering a takeout or cooking a meal together are all great choices too! Whatever you decide, the important thing is to appreciate the time together.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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