Purchasing Prescription Sunglasses Online: Review of Perfect Glasses

I reviewed Perfect Glasses last year for a pair of non- prescription sunglasses for myself and had an excellent experience. You can read about it in my previous post.

This time we opted for a pair of prescription sunglasses for Mr B (aka Andy, Squiggle’s dad). We have never ordered prescription glasses of any description online before so we were curious to find out more. Here is our experience…

Purchasing Prescription Sunglasses Online: Review of Perfect Glasses title with image of sunglasses in case

Andy took a trip to the Opticians for his eye examination first; we knew his prescription would most likely require updating anyway as he was almost due his annual check- up. Armed with his latest prescription, he then came home and browsed the Perfect Glasses website: Perfectglasses.co.uk


The website itself is easy to navigate and has a handy app that allows you to virtually try on the glasses. It sells a wide range of both glasses and sunglasses, available in either prescription or non- prescription, including many famous brand names. Prices vary from very cheap basic pairs, right up to expensive Designer glasses. There are so many designs to choose from, I think there must be a style to suit all tastes and budgets.

Once you have selected your sunglasses/ glasses there are various optional extras to choose from, such as different tints and coatings. If you have a prescription you simply enter it onto the site as instructed. It is all very easy to do.

Perfect Glasses app to virtually try on glasses


Unfortunately the first pair of sunglasses we received were actually non- prescription, due to an error in the laboratory apparently. After querying whether we could be mistaken about that (we certainly weren’t, we even took them to be checked), we were asked to return them to the lab at our own expense, which we were told would then be refunded if they found they had made a mistake. (At the time of writing I have not yet had these postage costs refunded yet).

It then took quite a few weeks to finally hear back from the lab, after trying to contact them several times. We finally received the glasses a week or two after that. So there was quite a length of time overall between ordering and finally receiving the sunglasses with correct prescription. It was only a minor inconvenience for us personally to be honest, but not so good if you need them in a hurry!


The sunglasses themselves were worth the wait! They are good quality and good value for money, in my opinion. They arrived in a nice case too. Very stylish.

An image of Espirit sunglasses in case. 'If you feel good, you look good' quote.

Andy’s Verdict

The sunglasses are comfortable and fit perfectly. I have quite a wide bridge but the app allowed me to filter by bridge size which made picking from suitable styles vs. looking at dozens on a shelf so much quicker. I also find shopping in a store uncomfortable with people clambering for the same pair of glasses and assistants hovering over you, quite often I end up visiting a few times just to get my space but with the filter and being able to see how they looked on, it made the experience quicker and with much less friction.

Selfie of Andy wearing Espirit prescription sunglasses from Perfect Glasses

Shop the Espirit look here currently half price at £90.

*Disclosure: We received a pair of sunglasses and compensation in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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