The Ultimate Morning Routines of Successful People You Need to Know About [Top 10 Tips]

If you want to be successful, no matter the type of success you pursue, certain rituals can help get you onto the right road faster.

Your routine might change depending on what type of success you are chasing. Not everyone has the same goal. Some people seek more peace in retirement; others seek success in their jobs. These ultimate morning routines of successful people will help you improve your life and attain success no matter your idea of success. 

Tip 1: Become Kinder to Yourself

It might come as a surprise to you that being successful can also include being kind to yourself. Aren’t all successful people waking up early to whip themselves or ‘eat the frog’? You may be asking.

Eating the frog was coined back in the 90s when people had a to-do list each day—starting with the most challenging things first on your list. There is merit in this, as you will learn later on, but for now, being kind to yourself is understanding your rhythm

Perhaps you prefer to wake up a little later and go to bed later? Not everyone is working on the same internal clock, but many do have a job to go to and be on time. 

If you do have a job that requires you to arrive at a specific time in the morning, perhaps a light alarm clock would be more gentle than one with a loud alarm, for example. Some alarm clocks wake you up with an ever-increasing light mimicking sunrise along with the sounds of birds tweeting. The natural light alarm clocks can also help you drift off to sleep at night as you can set the light to decrease over a few hours, mimicking nature’s fading light. 

Grabbing a tasty cup of herb tea would be better for you than coffee? Or, if you love coffee, make sure you have an excellent blend to create an outstanding brew to kickstart your day. Remember, it is the ritual that counts, not the habit.

Planning ahead is an essential part of the morning routines of successful people.

Tip 2: Understand Your Morning Routine

Each person’s morning routine will look a little different. However, we can learn a lot from the morning routines of successful people thanks to those who shared them with the world. 

Marie Kondo, the infamous tidy-up expert, starts her day by inviting fresh air into her home and burning incense. She feels that she starts her day in a positive mode. 

Jeff Bezos hates alarms and uses his internal body clock to determine when he wakes. You might be thinking he is wealthy enough to do this as he runs his own business, but the method works for everyone. Getting enough sleep and working with your body clock sets you up for a better night’s sleep and a more successful day. 

The important thing about understanding your routine is to commit to a practice. Many people go to the gym first thing in the morning, and sometimes just putting your gym clothes on and going for a workout requires less thought and more action. Once you decide what works for you, stick to it. It becomes mechanical. 

Tip 3: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Burning the midnight oil and not getting enough shuteye is counterproductive. More and more people are becoming aware of the power of rest. A good night’s sleep is priceless and sets you up for high productivity and performance during the day. 

Working hard and playing hard has changed meaning a little. People are serious about the power of solid rest and hard work. Some swear by 8 hours, and others have found their sweet spots to be less, which can be as little as 6. 5 hours.

If you fall asleep too fast at night, it could be that you are sleep-deprived, but everyone’s needs are different. When Einstein was alive, he slept for 10 hours a night. 

Serena Williams prefers 7 hours, and Bill Gates seems to agree, hitting around seven. Donald Trump only needs three hours a night, like Margaret Thatcher, who enjoyed only 5 hours a night. As you can see, each person is different but what does matter is your highest productivity level

Tip 4: Starting the Day Your Way

Preparing for your day ahead means getting a good workout. You can read your emails while getting your steps in. Getting your circulation and body oxygenated from exercise will wake you up, alert you, and increase your energy

Try yoga instead if you find that strenuous physical exertion is not your thing and suffer from stress symptoms. Deep breathing, stretching, and focus can reap as many rewards as a hard workout.

Oprah Winfrey swears by meditation. Meditation can center your thoughts; it can clarify your ideas for the day and can regulate your stress hormones. If you find meditation difficult, you can start small at first. Just ten minutes can make all the difference. Many start by simply quietening the chatter. Quieting the chatter means clearing your mind of too many thoughts and observing thoughts and not judging them. 

Many claim that meditation fills them with positive feelings like joy, hope, happiness, and enthusiasm for the day ahead. 

Other methods of working out can even include your friends or business colleagues. Many companies now realize that meetings work better outside, and some do it walking. Meeting like-minded or inspirational people for early morning walks can culminate in great ideas shared and new ways of looking at things. 

Perhaps starting the day for you could mean spending time with your precious family. Some successful people claim that too much work and not enough family throws them off balance. Elon Musk has shared that he spent his life working, having a short sleep, and working again. He has had to restructure his life to take care of the other essential aspects of his life, like family. 

Tip 5: Make the Early Morning Count

Start to understand the first few hours in the morning are the golden hours. Making the most of our first few hours awake sets the tone for the day. Our minds are in top form, and we can plan, exercise, and set up our day in the most effective way. A good start ensures that your day has a certain vibe about it. 

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One of the most potent motivators making you get up in the first place is a purpose. Whatever that purpose is, you also need to find the ‘why’ in that purpose. Do you want to earn more, become fitter, and find happiness? It all lies within you. Knowing why you are moving forward helps you create the environment that promotes this—finding the why leads you to the how. Once you start living with purpose, you will have your routine in place. 

If you want to get fit, for example, and start from scratch, you can get up and walk for 5 minutes, then ten, and when you are ready, you can add to your workout. 

You don’t have to take massive clumps of time and hope you succeed. The same for your morning routine; if it looks slightly different from these tips, understand that change works better when you break your goals into smaller goals. Bite-sized chunks will increase your likelihood of success. Once you’ve tasted success, there should be no holding you back!

It pays dividends to remember that new routines take a while to become a habit. Many people wonder if forming a habit in 21 days is possible. Some people say most can form habits quickly, and some argue that they can take more than six months. Patterns are not easy to start if you are not into a specific thing that you added to your routine. It might mean that you need a routine overhaul. However, if you are determined to keep some behaviors in your practice as they are part of your goal, accepting it will take time. 

Tip 6: Be Prepared

If you have changed your routine, getting prepared the day before will help you move quicker in the morning. If you have planned a get-together with other successful people in the morning for a walk, put your walking clothes out before you go to bed. If you plan on having a delicious cup of tea or coffee as soon as you wake up, plenty of tea and coffee makers will wake you up. There is nothing more luxurious than having a great drink ready for you when you hear the birds chirping. 

The same practice can also apply to breakfast. Many people put their breakfasts out before bed or prepare the ingredients ready for use. 

Try and eat what you feel is good for you. If you are very active, a large breakfast might be in order. If your goal is to lose weight, then preparing food beforehand will help you succeed. 

Some people like to have their clothes ready for work; this takes the thought out of dressing. You could go as far as Mark Zuckerberg, who stocks his wardrobe with multiples of the same shirts. He claims this takes away options and helps him cope with his day’s stress. 

As we can see from morning routines of successful people it’s all about being ingenious and thinking ahead. 

The less you have to think about, the more you will get done during the golden hours. 

Tip 7: Get Your Priorities Right

If you are making many changes, it can be a bit daunting. So to get the best from your new habits, you can break your goals into priorities.

Morning routines of successful people contain priorities and goals.

You might want to earn more, but you are still very invested in growing your spiritual life. You are keen to get healthy and have decided that food is more influential than exercise. Or, you could switch that concept around. The point is to prioritize the most critical ‘hows’ by ascertaining the most important whys. It also helps to stop overload. If you become overloaded, you might give up too soon. 

Tip 8: Write Up a To-Do List

There can be two lists with your longer-term goals and a daily to-do list. Eating the frog or dealing with the most demanding actions on your daily list can get you going. Action will bring your stress levels down. Good stress keeps you going, and then lousy pressure keeps you stuck. 

You can include to-do lists in your routine and reassess them daily. 

Important parts of morning routines of successful people are goals and to-do lists to keep them on track. 

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Tip 9: Hang Around With Inspiring People

The more people you know who are doing well in life, the more likely you will hit success. People doing well in whatever their life endeavors entail having tons of information. 

They also have better energy about them. It could be called happiness or self-fulfillment. If you want to change, you need to surround yourself with people who have experienced change. 

If this is not available, there are always books. Many successful people find inspiration in books written by other successful people. 

Tip 10: Review and Assess

Over time our goals can change slightly, and our habits can also need tweaking here and there. It is a typical dynamic of progress. If you feel your goals have changed, rewrite them into your current goals. You can also use this time to visualize and enjoy your goals during your meditation. If you can see it, feel it and taste it, your life will start to change as you will behave as though you already have it. 

Acting as if you already have it reaps dividends to get you to your goal. 


Many people want success, but only a few take steps to get there. Success is like anything else; it takes thought, hard work, and commitment. Try and see the commitment as being something you are giving to yourself. Hopefully morning routines of successful people we gathered in this article will inspire you to create your own routine and commit to it.

Most people’s goals center around improvement, which is financial and other concrete rewards. Some people’s dreams are more inwardly focused. Whatever your goals are, it starts with simple vital ideas. 

Making your goals clearer by writing them down helps to minimize distraction. Starting small can ease you into more significant changes over time. Setting small goals can help you get to the more important goals as you see them. Most people understand that good health is essential when goal setting. So, that means eating correctly, sleeping correctly, and taking care of our bodies with exercise or meditation and yoga. 

Spending time with people who are also hoping to be successful is inspiring and hastens the sharing of ideas. Always seek out inspiring people, and if you cannot find them read their books. 

Mornings are the golden hour for success; you can plan your day, get things done that you have the energy for, and spend it in ways that help you feel balanced and well. 

If this means running on a treadmill for an hour, then go for it; if it means playing with your dog, then go for that. You can even mix it up and do each on alternate days; in other words, your plan is just that. You will tailor it to your needs. Success is a moving and changing dynamic, so when you have achieved success, you might come back and read this for tips about your new ideas of what success looks like for you. 

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