Laptop vs Desktop: Which is the Better Computer for Your Home?

As a home educator, and a self-employed person working from home, I have debated whether or not it would be beneficial to get a desktop. With more people working from home than ever, and homeschooling too, I am sure other people are also wondering about the benefits of a laptop vs desktop computers. So, which is the better choice of computer for your home? Here are some of the pros and cons of laptops vs desktops…


Laptops are of course portable and this makes them a popular choice for many reasons. Whether it is because you transport it from home to work or school, or because you want the freedom to relocate to different places whilst working – maybe go to different rooms in the home, or to sit outside for example – there is no doubt that laptops provide more freedom and flexibility. Plus they take up less room too; so this is useful if you need to save space.

Laptop vs Desktop: Which is the Better Computer for Your Home?


However, desktops do have their advantages too; many of which I feel are sometimes overlooked when choosing a new computer. When considering a laptop vs desktop, there are several benefits to owning a desktop computer that you might want to think about.

For starters, there is power and affordability. You can get much better specs for much cheaper in a desktop than you can in a laptop. This means a desktop can be a much more affordable device for those interested in visual design, audio editing, video creation, and also for gaming.

The other aspect is that almost all components in a desktop can be upgraded or replaced; this is simply not the case in most laptops. This therefore makes desktops better from a sustainability point of view too.

Laptop vs Desktop: Which is the Better Computer for Your Home?

Laptop vs Desktop Summary

In summary, laptops are portable and take up less space. They might also offer a positive psychological impact, in that a laptop gives a sense of freedom; it sets a different tone and mindset to being stuck at a desk.

However, others might find it useful to have a dedicated work space with a desktop; it could help you to get in the right mindset for productivity. I guess this depends on the individual.

Desktops are more customisable in terms of components and offer great value of money for the specifications you get on desktops vs laptops, making them a more affordable choice. Given the fact that components can be replaced or upgraded, they are also potentially a more sustainable choice too. They are great for gamers and those who need a more powerful computer for work or education.

In summary, whether a laptop vs desktop computer is best depends on your personal requirements. We opted for a Lenovo laptop in the end, which we are happy with. They also sell desktops too; click here for their latest deals. But my best advice would simply be to weigh up the pros and cons for both laptops and desktops, as well as your personal circumstances and the needs of your family. Which one is ‘best’ actually comes down to what your requirements and priorities are. Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for this! I think having a second monitor for a laptop is great for making it feel like a desktop but giving you the flex to move around.


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