Supreme Guide on How to Spice Up a Relationship [Top 2022 Tips]

Creating a sustainable, healthy relationship isn’t the most straightforward thing. Challenges arise, obstacles get thrown at you both, and sometimes, being together for so long makes your romance stagnate.

So, how do you keep the passion and love for each other burning strong amidst all of life’s relationship hurdles? All you need to do is add a bit of spice!

This supreme guide will outline how to spice up a relationship. But first, let’s define the shared idea of a spicy relationship.

What is a Spicy Relationship?

There’s no set-in-stone way to define a spicy relationship. Everyone is different and has varying ambitions and desires for their romance. However, you can take a general overview of what makes a relationship spicy.

A spicy relationship is one where the romance remains intriguing, and your love for each other remains exciting. But if you’ve been with your party for a long time, you’ll know how easy it is to fall into a routine, and suddenly your relationship becomes a bit bland and dull.

So what are the determining factors that say your relationship might need an injection of adrenaline?

How Would You Know When Your Relationship Needs Spicing Up?

The basic principle behind knowing when your relationship needs spicing up is that you feel your romance is getting dull. When you start to question the future of your and your partner’s bond, spice needs to be considered in the mix.

What are the most common signs of relationship dreariness?

What are the Signs Your Relationship is Getting Dull?

Find below some of the more prominent indicators of relationship dullness.

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You’re Stuck in a Rut

Do you find that you and your partner do the same things at the exact times a week? That could be one of the surefire signs that your relationship is getting dull.

One of the most common routine scenarios is waking up, working, coming home, eating, TV together, and sleeping. By changing this routine, you will not only spice up your relationship, but you will also improve your life.

Other things that create a relationship rut include:

  • Eating the same few meals
  • Watching similar TV shows
  • Visiting the same places
  • Seeing the same friends
  • Having a schedule with no flexibility

Any of these things can indicate you need some spice in your life.

It’s Quiet Around the House

Do you find that you and your partner sit in silence most of the time? Lack of communication or garnering little interest in your partner is a critical sign that you need to take some action to revive your relationship.

The longer you go without communicating, the pillars of a healthy relationship can start to break down. Communication in a marriage or relationship is key to a healthy relationship. It would help if you spiced it up to get yourselves talking to each other again.

Lack of Sex

Having little sex or none with your partner is another sign that you’re losing interest in each other. You’ll need a bit of spice to ignite that passion and get back into the bedroom again.

Dwindling Romantic Connection

Are you finding yourself less romantically aligned with your partner? Long relationships take their toll on your enthusiasm for romance. Still, you’ll need to do something to ensure it stays alive to keep that flame burning.

Spicing up your relationship can help rebuild and strengthen your romantic connection.


It’s too easy to stop putting effort in when you get comfortable in a relationship. The lack of action compiles into frustration on both sides and can compound into more significant problems.

Starting to spice up your relationship will get you and your partner back by putting effort into everything you do. It will be greatly appreciated and carve a sustainable romance in the long run.

If you’ve identified that your relationship is dull, you’ll need to spice it up. But how would you do that, you may ask?

10 Tips n How to Spice Up Your Relationship

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to spicing up a relationship. As mentioned earlier in the guide, everyone is different. You and your partner may have fluctuating ideas about what makes a relationship spicy.

However, some tips are workable from a general relationship perspective. You can find the ten best tips for spicing up your relationship below.

1. Start becoming more affectionate.

 We’ll start with the more straightforward method of spicing up your relationship, being more affectionate. Yes, many couples will already believe that they are showing a significant amount of romance to each other, but that can sometimes not have the desired impact.

Getting a little more affectionate means leveraging the power of touch to make things more exciting. Sensual touches are given frequently, like hugs, kisses, cuddles, massages, and more can get something a bit spicier.

2. Create a unique date idea.

Have you got a date night in your relationship? Whether you do or don’t, you can make time to go on a date that breaks the usual confines of your romance.

Take your partner on a spontaneous date or surprise them with something you’ve never done before. Unique date ideas can include:

  • Weekend trips away
  • An activity both of you have wanted to do but never tried
  • Trying a restaurant with cuisine you’ve both never eaten
  • Going camping
  • Dance lessons
  • Skydiving or bungee jumping

These are just a few suggestions, but the world is your oyster for unique date ideas. The only crucial thing to remember is regularly going on these dates to maintain that preferred spice level.

3. Give surprises.

On the subject of spontaneousness, little surprises now and then can have a big drive towards relationship spiciness. You don’t have to buy your partner expensive gifts every week, but surprising them with a small present or positive change about yourself frequently goes a long way.

What kind of surprises can you make regularly? You could surprise your partner with their favorite takeout, learn to cook their favorite dish, make appearance changes in line with fantasies, etc.

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Again, these surprises don’t have to be anything significant, but they should be something that continually makes your partner happy.

4. Try roleplaying.

We mentioned fantasies above as something that surprises your partner. Still, they can spice up the relationship together if you’re in it. Roleplaying can be a real turn-on for both sides of the relationship.

Become your partner’s fantasy figure or create their fantasy scenario in the bedroom and see your relationship heat up.

Discussing your partners’ fantasies can be liberating, and connect with them on new levels. You don’t necessarily have to act on it, either. Simply sharing roleplay ideas over a glass of wine works wonders, too!

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5. Get creative in the bedroom.

Or, instead of roleplaying, you can find ways to get creative in the bedroom. Is there something your partner has always wanted to try? Maybe you can push to be a little more sexually adventurous? Perhaps you can change up your foreplay routine?

There are plenty of ways to spice up your relationship in the bedroom. After all, it’s one of the most intimate places for a relationship. Bedroom creativity can mean shaking up your sex routine or spontaneously having it.

6. Disconnect from your digital devices.

Spending too much time on your digital devices, such as phones and tablets, can strain your relationship. We tend to get involved with social media that distorts our image of life and makes our environment unrealistic.

That screen time can also affect how you perceive your partner. You may get illusory ideas of how a relationship is supposed to be and not let it be natural.

Disconnect from your devices now and then and create authentic experiences with your partner. You’ll feel happier and more fulfilled from it, not the excitement you get from doing something that appeases the senses.

7. Spend a little time apart.

Most ways to spice up your relationship mean spending time together. But taking a little time apart can also have a positive impact.

Having some alone means you’ll start to miss your partner and their affection, and rekindling with them again feels like meeting for the first time. You can spark what made you fall in love with them in the first place just by spending a little time apart.

8. Dress your best.

Looking great for your partner can be one of the sexiest things you can give them. Sprucing up and finding what your partner likes in their opposite can spice things up.

Maybe they have a favorite color? Perhaps they love seeing you in a particular piece of attire? Regularly wear something that makes them heat up for your affection. It keeps things exciting and adds a little spice!

9. Build a romantic atmosphere.

Creating a scene for intimacy can help spice up a relationship. Maybe spontaneously dim the lights or light some candles for your partner to set the mood for romance.

how to spice up your relationship

Cultivating that romantic environment will make your partner feel loved and continually keep things hot and spicy. You can create a space just for the two of you – somewhere to escape to when the days get tough.

10. Appeal to your partner’s senses.

Sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch can all matter in spicing up relationships. Try appealing to all of your partner’s senses to keep things interesting.

While it may sound odd, pleasantries on the senses go a long way in rekindling a romance. We can give some examples below to appeal to those senses.

  • Sight – We’ve mentioned to try and dress your best. Perhaps wear a piece of clothing that’s particularly alluring to your partner?
  • Smell – Wear your partner’s favorite cologne or perfume to satisfy the senses.
  • Sound – Soft and sensual talking into your partner’s ear can send tingles of excitement down their body.
  • Taste – Make your partner’s favorite meal now and then.
  • Touch – Intimate touching of each other can spice up your romance.

Think of your partner’s favorite feelings in all those senses, and appeal to them in ways that would please them most.

So, will this be the road to a better overall relationship with all these tips in mind? Does Spicing Up Your Romance Help Towards a Long-Lasting, Healthy Relationship?

It’s all good to get things exciting in your relationship again, but will that spice lead to an ultimately healthier bond? We can break that down by looking at the common factors that determine a healthy relationship.

A healthy relationship includes:

  • Trust – You and your partner can depend on each other without worry.
  • Honesty – Your partner and yourself will always share honest communication and not hide anything from one another.
  • Respect – You respect each other’s wishes, needs, desires, and differences.
  • Effort – You’ll always put the effort in for your partner’s happiness no matter what, with a joint effort from your other half.
  • Compromise – Even if your relationship has differences, you can always find compromises to solve the problems.

So does spicing up the relationship build on these five pillars? The short answer is, yes, it can.

The fundamentals of spicing up your relationship are sharing what you love, trusting your partner with surprises, respecting their desires, finding compromise, and putting effort into a romance.

Pushing these tips outlined above does help pave the way towards a healthier, solid relationship. While other factors come into play to make it sustainable, they certainly help curate a better life with your partner.

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Final Thoughts

So, the premise of this supreme guide on how to spice up a relationship is to create a point of reference whenever you feel your relationship is getting dull. You can get it back into gear by identifying the issue, communicating with your partner, adding the spice, and regularly doing something out of the norm.

It’s no secret that relationships will face challenges, and spicing up your romance won’t solve every issue that comes your way. However, it’s a significant way to get things back on track and build a special relationship that lasts forever.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start striking those relationship irons and get yourself and your partner excited for each other again.

We’ll sign off by saying what every good chef says; when things get bland, add spice!

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