Daily Habits of Successful People (Top 10 Secrets to Success)

We all want to be successful in our lives, but do we have those daily habits of successful people?

Of course, the way in which we are successful depends on our needs or wants in life.

For some, climbing the career ladder represents success. For others, it’s all about raising a wonderful family and providing them with all they need. Some people may only feel successful when they are running a huge company with a 9-figure turnover.

But here is an important point. Not one of those three scenarios, and there are many others, is actually wrong.

You see, success is all about having a goal in mind, and achieving it. That is real success, but we don’t always get there like we hoped.

Success Does Not Happen Overnight

Success takes time. It is rare for it to happen overnight. Instead, it tends to be an accumulation of things over time.

People build to success, and part of this is having structure and routine that propels the individual forward to whichever goal they have in mind. Part of this involves fruitful daily habits, and even though it may sound boring to some, this idea of repeating certain actions every day could change your life.

Daily Habits of Successful People and Their Importance

Having a series of daily habits has been shown to be beneficial to people. It provides a sense of routine, and also helps organize the day, to a certain extent.

It is also true that daily habits help an individual focus at different times. Having focus is known to be a major factor in helping someone become a success. After all, if our minds wander all over the place, it should come as no surprise when success eludes us. It’s simple, because we did not have the correct concentration levels, or the correct desire to achieve our success.

But daily habits come with another advantage.

By knowing that we do certain tasks each day, or the way we run our lives each day, it provides us with the space to see where things have perhaps got out of hand. Thanks to the structure in some areas, we see the mess that exists elsewhere.

Thanks to that, we can then seek to change areas where something is going wrong.

Hopefully, we have you thinking about daily habits and how they could influence your life. But you probably have another question on your mind, and that is what those daily habits should be?

So, to help, we have looked at the different daily habits of successful people to build a definitive list for you to check out. By looking at these daily habits, it may inspire you to create your own list. After all, if successful people use them, surely it’s worth thinking about?

Woman making notes of daily habits of successful people

Habit 1: Writing Down Tasks

A major problem that can inhibit success is mental clutter. We wake up in the morning, and our mind fills with tasks we need to do and items we need to think about. As a result, we feel drained, and our motivation is left lying slumped in a corner.

One of the first daily habits of successful people you should build, is to write down tasks, and then organize them. Do it as soon as you wake up, very early on in the day.

By organizing, we mean splitting them into categories. For example, doing laundry or taking the dog for a walk is not the same thing as a business meeting or an appointment at the dentist. So, split the tasks to be done that day into those that need to be linked to a certain time, and those that can be done spread throughout the day.

The intention here is to stop you from sitting in that meeting, and your mind drifts off to remind you to collect some steak from Walmart. By writing down your lists first thing in the morning, your ability to remain focused will undoubtedly improve. By being focused, you achieve more than you thought possible.

Habit 2: Wake Up Early

Successful people don’t lounge around in bed until mid-morning. That represents too much of the day being wasted.

Instead, successful people tend to wake up early. Now, we aren’t telling you to get up at 5 am, even though some people do. Instead, spend time working out when your energy levels feel at their peak, and work out a time from there.

For most, our energy starts to rise and peaks by mid-morning, coasting through to mid-afternoon. You need to have already completed all your ‘morning chores’ to be ready for that energy spike.

Habit 3: Do a Morning Workout

Admittedly, this could be tougher on some days, but doing some form of a morning workout is another common daily habit of successful people. Also, working out is good for you.

But why doing it in the morning? Well, successful people know the reason, and it’s all about time management and control.

You see, if you wake up early enough, then working out at the start of the day makes sense, as you have so much control over your time. As the day progresses, you can be behind schedule and under pressure, so the idea of working out won’t be a priority.

But working out in the morning also gets that dopamine going in your mind. Those feel-good hormones will also provide you with the energy and drive to carry on with your day. A workout also helps awaken your body and gets the blood flowing after what was hopefully a restful sleep.

Habit 4: Don’t Miss Breakfast

Successful people know they have to fuel their body to provide the energy to get through the day. However, many people skip breakfast in the belief they just don’t have the time.

If you are one of those people, then stop skipping it!

Breakfast is the meal that kicks your metabolism into action. It’s the meal that fires up your energy levels, and signals to your body that it’s time to get on with the day.

But what should you eat?

This varies, but don’t just go for the simple sugar-filled cereal. Instead, look to get protein, some healthy fats and healthy carbs into the mix. It means you provide your body with everything it needs to get going in the day.

Habit 5: Daily Self-Focused Thinking

This habit goes back to the concept of trying to organize your mind. Successful people make a habit of spending some time every single day to carry out some self-focused thinking.

But when do you do this?

Well, that’s entirely up to you, but it is often believed that taking 15 – 20 minutes out of your time in the middle of the day is best. The reason for this is simple.

We tend to attack life at full speed, and try to do so throughout the entire day. So, this short break from that chaos gives us the opportunity to do a sort of checking in procedure with ourselves.

We can take this opportunity to look at what we have achieved so far today, and focus entirely on the positive things.

The CEO of LinkedIn, as an example, spends a short period of time every single day meditating. He said it provides him with a sense of calmness and peace, which then makes strategizing a lot easier.

It also shows improvements in time-management if you can set aside this short period of time and do so without freaking out.

Habit 6: Organize, Plan and Structure Daily

This idea of just going in whichever way the wind blows is not a good one. It may work on some occasions, but other times it will lead to chaos.

That is why one of the key daily habits of successful people is organizing and structuring most of the day. Now, we aren’t talking about every minuscule detail. That would be taking things a step too far. However, we are talking about having a better concept of what you need to do, and when you should do it.

Taking just 10 or 15 minutes early in the day to structure how things will work that day will give your mind some space from that mental clutter. You know the saying ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’? Well, it really is true.

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Do you think the likes of Elon Musk or Bill Gates just made decisions as a spur of the moment? Not any serious decision, that’s for sure.

Instead, they plan and structure their day accordingly. They plan what they need to do to achieve their goals for that day. Also, don’t forget about your bigger goals either. The actions you take daily also influence those bigger goals.

So, make it a daily habit to organize and plan your actions. It provides a clearer idea in your mind as to what you need to achieve, rather than feeling like a lost soul.

Man sitting thinking about daily habits of successful people

Habit 7: Achieve Something Daily Toward Your Dreams and Goals

Again, this habit carries on from what we were saying in the previous point, as it’s still connected to the concept of goals.

People who are successful work through this concept of becoming stagnant regarding their dreams and goals. If you become stagnant, you will never achieve anything. So, they seek to achieve something that pushes them closer to their goals every single day

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This needn’t be a huge step. The key in the continual ability to move forward with your goals. It may mean organizing something, or making your plan clearer. It could involve carrying out certain tasks viewed as essential for progress to be made.

Whatever it may be, make sure you create a daily habit of achieving something every single day. It builds momentum, and it pushes you closer to your desired end result, which is feeling successful.

Habit 8: Limit Email and Social Media Checking

Are you aware of how much time people spend checking their email and social media daily? Well, a study in 2021 showed the average is 2 hours and 25 minutes per day, and that is a huge amount of time.

But successful people don’t do that. They don’t have over 2 hours to waste checking out Facebook. So, one of their daily habits is to restrict not only the actual time, but also the number of times they check their communications.

By making this a daily habit, you immediately free up a lot of time that’s best spent elsewhere. You have more time to spend on the important tasks that will propel you to success. Browsing social media to check out what your friends are up to is unlikely to push you closer to your goals.

Habit 9: Educate Yourself Daily

Don’t think for a second that you know everything because you don’t. People who are successful will continually seek to educate themselves in some way, and they try to do it daily.

Education broadens your mind. It opens up new possibilities, and possibly even a new way of doing things. That’s because educating yourself can allow you to develop new skills, or a deeper understanding of how you are doing things at this moment in time.

It is only through educating ourselves that we can learn how to move forward in a more productive manner. Educating yourself also means learning from your previous mistakes. Successful people try to understand those mistakes daily, and take stock of where they could have perhaps done something differently.

Also, educating yourself can work wonders for your confidence. You feel capable of making more informed choices and decisions. That alone can help reduce the number of mistakes you then make. Reduce the mistakes, and your chances of success will increase.

So don’t just take this habit as you needing to sit down and read a book. It’s about way more than that. Educate yourself on the knowledge required to move forward, and also educate yourself on your mistakes. It will make a difference.

Habit 10: Sleep

Now we aren’t about to tell you to get those 8 hours sleep every night. That idea of 8 hours is a fallacy anyway.

Instead, you need to become aware of how much sleep your body tends to need. For some people, it’s 6 hours. Others feel groggy and horrible if they don’t get 7 hours. Some individuals need closer to 9 to feel awake and alive.

Look at Jeff Bezos. He has to sleep those 8 hours, and apparently doesn’t even set an alarm to try to make sure he gets to those 8 hours. Elon Musk says he needs 6 hours sleep to function, and just those two examples show the difference.

But they both have something in common in that they understand the importance of sleep. Make it a daily habit to have a sleep routine to ensure you get the required number of hours. Go to bed at whatever is the correct time for your body and mind, and ensure you get out of bed at the correct time.

Relax and perhaps have a bath with some essential oils to help you unwind. Read a book, or play some soft music in the background. Drink some herbal tea, rather than anything laced with caffeine.

People who have achieved success often prioritize sleep over so many other things. They know that a lack of sleep means less energy the following day, and also less mental clarity.

Without sleep, you will struggle to achieve your aims and feats the following day. So, get into the habit of preparing your body for sleep, and try to get as close to your optimum time as possible.

That’s Not a Complete Daily Habits of Successful People List

We have included 10 different daily habits of successful people, but this is not the full extent of what successful people do. However, we have tried to give you some insight into the mindset and approach of people who have achieved their aims and targets in life.

You see, your idea of daily habits that will work for you will be different. It’s always according to your own needs or aims.

But perhaps the most important thing to mention is the need to be organized and focused. Manage your time and life as best you can and remove that nervous energy in your mind to give you space to breathe.

Sometimes, our inability to take control of things we can actually control is our downfall. Successful people have managed to take back that control, and that is what got them to where they are now.

You too can join them. You just need to be prepared to do the work on a daily basis to get there.

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