*** ALERT *** Cat Food Recall

*** ALERT ***


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Last updated 26/08/2021
Previously updated on 02/07/2021, 25/06/2021 and 19/06/2021
Originally published 16/06/2021

UPDATE 26/08/2021

*Update from FSA and Pets at Home – see bottom of post*


Several brands of cat food have been voluntarily recalled and FSA have issued an alert, as Royal Vetinary College investigate a potential link to a fatal cat illness. The cat food contamination warning affects several popular cat foods made by Fold Hill Foods for their partner brands. Cat food recall list is as follows:

• Sainsburys hypoallergenic dry cat food
• AVA dry cat food
• Applaws dry cat food
• Wilko dry cat food

The full list of specific AVA, Sainsburys and Applaws products are all on the FSA alert and Wilko recalled product list is in the image below. More information here

Wilko cat food recall

However, there are also concerns that other brands manufactured in the same factory have not been included in the cat food recall so far. Coshida dry cat food by Llidl appears to be made in the same factory for example. (Photos of Coshida packaging with the affected factory code can be found on social media).

There maybe other brands too; I am aware that Aldi and Home Bargains have also been mentioned on social media groups but I haven’t been able to verify the factory code on these products myself. My suggestion is to please check your cat food for the affected factory code just incase.

*** I personally recommend that you do NOT feed your cats any food from factory number GB218E5009. It could contain toxins that are fatal to your pet ***
(Link not proven)

Check your dry cat food and treats for the factory code:


You will find it near the bar code. On Sainsbury dry cat food for example it is here:

Cat Food Recall: Contaminated Cat Food Factory Link to Fatal Cat Illness?

Cat Food Recall: Contaminated Cat Food Factory Link to Fatal Cat Illness?

What to do:

If your cat food is made in this factory STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY. The toxins are fatal. Please switch brands and return the products.

Several vets on social media have recommended blood tests if your cat has eaten any of these products. I will speak to my own vet asap. (Edited 19/06: my little boy furbaby had an examination and blood tests, and he hopefully seems to be ok). It is unclear at present if RVC also recommend this but they will hopefully issue a statement soon.

From what we know so far, symptoms appear to develop quickly, usually once it is too late. However, this is likely caused by a gradual build-up of toxins and escalating illness with no obvious early warning signs. Hence why blood tests are being recommended.

What food should I switch to?

Hills, Royal Canin, Purina, Eukanuba and Iams all undergo extensive feeding trials before they are put on the shelves and are made in their own factories.

What is Pancytopenia?

Pancytopenia is usually very rare. It causes too few blood cells and platelets. In other words; anaemia (low red blood cells), leukopenia (low white blood cells) and thrombocytopenia (low platelet levels) combined. It is usually fatal by the time severe symptoms occur.

Key symptoms to look out for are:

• Lethargic
• Off balance
• Fever
• Lack of appetite
• Bad breath
• Pale gums, paw pads on inner ears
• Bleeding from gums
• Blood in stools
• Blood in urine
• Spotted rash or visible bruising

*If your cat has eaten any of the affected food brands and has any of the above symptoms please take them to the vet urgently*

Facebook support group here

Does this cat food recall affect any dog food?

Apparently some dog food is made in the same factory, but is thought to be unaffected. Whilst this is not based on any research or advice, in my personal opinion I would stop using it for now, just to be cautious.

Updated 26/06/21 – Mars Petcare cat and dog food manufacturer product recall: Pedigree Dry Dog Food

Mars Pedigree dry dog food recall

I am unclear if this is a new recall or whether it happened back in January. However, do check your batch number if you have a bag.

Updated 02/07/2021 – the following recall is NOT related to the above issue:

Cat and dog food brand Natural Instinct Limited have recalled various products containing duck due to the presence of salmonella. See website for full details of the product recalls.

Please share this alert to help prevent anymore pets from suffering. Thank you.

*26/08/2021 UPDATE from Food Standards Agency and Pets at Home*

Read the Food Standards Agency update

Pets at Home statement:

Pets at Home cat food recall statement

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  1. Thank you fig this. I use Go cat dry food and will be checking. This is appalling. My other car used to eat the biscuits from home bargains and she died out of the blue with all her organs shutting down. Thus makes me wonder if this happened before.


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