Car Buying Shortages This Year

The car buying shortages this year are primarily due to a semiconductor shortage and the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic. It is much easier and more affordable to find men’s or women’s electric bikes for sale that you can ride with manual pedal power, in pedal-assist mode or on full electric power. Learn more about how electric bikes provide commuters with eco-friendly, reasonably priced alternatives to new cars.

Consider An eBike vs. A New Car

Recent advances in electric motor and battery technology make ebikes more viable alternatives to cars. Based on the length of your commute and the climate where you live, you may be able to use an ebike as a mode of transportation for most of the year. Ebikes equipped with 250 watt hour batteries have a range of 30 miles with pedal assist or a 15 mile full electric range. Models with upgraded 500W batteries have up to a 40-mile pedal assist range or a 20-mile range on full electric power. 

Electric bikes can travel much faster than manual bikes. An ebike with a 500W battery tops out at 28 miles per hour with pedal assist, while a model with a 250W battery can reach top speeds of 24 mph. One of the best electric bikes for winter is the EVRYjourney FATTIRE 500W seven speed model. Wider tires provide more traction for riding in all weather conditions. Studded tires are also available to make it safer to ride a fat tire bike in the snow.

Making a Transportation Lifestyle Change

You will need to adjust your clothing and safety gear when you start riding an electric bike instead of driving a car. Cycling garments and active clothing suitable for the season are essential. It is also important to factor in moisture levels and wind to select the right garments for riding and ebike on a daily basis. 

A helmet and safety gear such as LED signals are essential for riding an ebike as a mode of regular transportation. It is worthwhile to invest some of the money you will save by buying an ebike instead of a car in your safety equipment, navigation systems and any other accessories that are useful for your new way to get around.

Car Buying Shortages This Year

Compare eBike and Car Costs

If an electric bike such as the Frida 500 fits your transportation needs, you’ll be happy to know that you can get a fully equipped ebike for much less than a compact economy vehicle. The average price of a new car before the pandemic in 2019 was around $36,718 and has recently reached $41,378. Beach cruiser electric bikes start around $1650 and commuter ebikes are priced at $2,000.

These are just a few reasons why ebikes are a viable alternative to cars. The chip shortage currently affecting the production of new vehicles and the prices of new and used cars is expected to last until 2022, though a major chip maker has suggested that it could continue into 2023. An ebike is a smart choice for an alternate mode of transportation.

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