CakeToppers – Personalised Cakes: Review and Giveaway

I think Caketoppers read my mind; just when I was busy organising Squiggle’s party and thinking about her birthday cake, they dropped me an email asking if I would like to review their personalised photo cupcakes. Since it’s her birthday, they kindly agreed to send me cake toppers for her birthday party cake as well as two cupcakes to sample too, which I really appreciate!

Caketoppers is based in Farnham, Surrey and offers a selection of personalised photo cupcakes, celebration cakes and toppers. You can use photos, logos or even drawings to personalise your choice of cake, so it makes it really unique. I chose my Living Life Our Way logo for the cupcakes. For the birthday cake toppers, I designed a picture on a photo app using some of Squiggle’s own drawings.

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The cupcakes and toppers arrived promptly and were well packaged. I don’t like to create so much waste with plastic packaging personally, but it certainly meant that everything arrived very fresh and in perfect condition.

Caketoppers, cupcakes, cake, celebration, competition, events, general life, gift ideas, giveaway, review, Special Occasions

So firstly, the cupcakes. They are absolutely delicious! I literally dreamt about these cakes (yeah, yeah, I know). They were really moist and fluffy; they honestly tasted like they had just that second been made (by someone with far superior baking skills that my own!) Gorgeous. I would tell you what the rest of the family thought of them, but they wouldn’t know… they were way too good to share! I sampled one vanilla sponge and one chocolate; both were to the same yummy standard. I personally liked the vanilla sponge best but that is just my personal preference – both really were delicious!

Caketoppers, cupcakes, cake, celebration, competition, events, general life, gift ideas, giveaway, review, Special Occasions

The cupcake samples, like my example above, can be purchased for £5 including delivery. A set of 6 cupcakes are £12.99 plus postage. There are also various other options, so check out the website for details.

As for the cake toppers, Squiggle loved the fact that her party cake was so unique and personal, decorated with her very own drawings. It meant so much to her! The cake toppers are easy to use; they came with detailed instructions but basically you just peel the back off then use icing to stick them on. They are ideal if you plan on baking a homemade cake but want a special finishing touch to decorate it with. Cake toppers cost from £7.45 for a round, square or rectangle edible photo topper.

I ended up buying a supermarket ‘decorate your own’ celebration cake for the topper, which was a tiny bit too small so doesn’t really do the topper justice. However, that is entirely my own fault and not a reflection of Caketoppers whatsoever! Squiggle didn’t notice at all though – as I said, she was delighted with her special cake! We all were infact, love it.

Caketoppers, birthday cake, celebration, competition, events, general life, gift ideas, giveaway, review, Special Occasions

Caketoppers do also sell the right size cakes to match the cake toppers so you can decorate it yourself, if you fancy a semi DIY job. A round or medium square undecorated cake is £20 and large square (10 inch) is £26. (Plus delivery charges). I’ll admit I would have much rather ordered her party cake from them too, especially after tasting those amazing cupcakes, but this didn’t quite manage to happen – despite the fact that they do also have a super speedy next day delivery option. Mummy fail. Oops! (Long story that I won’t bore you with but absolutely nothing to do with the company!)

Alternatively, you can purchase photo cakes with your own design printed on them, so the same concept as the cupcakes, only bigger. This is an easy, convenient option; and is the one that I am more than likely to opt for next time! These cost from £32.50 plus P&P for a medium 8 inch cake.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Caketoppers, we are really impressed with them. It is a shame that the same can’t be said of my cake- making or organising skills! 😉

Last but certainly not least, Caketoppers have kindly offered up for grabs a set of 6 yummy cupcakes, with the design of the winner’s choice. So enter my giveaway below for a chance to try these for yourself!

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Open to UK residents only. Ends 7th June 2017. Other T&Cs apply. 

*Disclosure: I was sent the cupcakes and toppers free for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I once attempted to make my mum a birthday cake, I burnt my hand on the oven and ended up in a&e
    Ended up buying one from Asda!

  2. My friend once sent a picture of a cake she wanted making to a cake shop and they just printed the picture of the cake.. on top of a plain cake!

  3. Iv tried to use a transfer from rice paper before and ended up putting too much water on it to stick to the top of the cake.
    The image was still visable but it looked awful lol

  4. These look amazing I wish I knew about them before as when I tried making a cake for my 5year old it ended up looking like a pair of boobs

  5. Once made a cake for my mum and the painted on hair (which was supposed to be brown) made the figure look like they had been involved in a car accident and was bleeding on the car as apposed to sunbathing, which was the intended purpose!!! :’)

  6. I haven’t had any real mishaps but sometimes a triple layer chocolate cake has leant a little to one side!

  7. Love these and stops me me froming ruining the cupcakes by trying to do something myself

  8. I’d love these… been looking for something similar to give my hubby to congratulate him on passing his degree. so proud of him!

  9. I dropped mum’s 65th birthday cake just as I got to the table…scooped it up but didn’t get away with it as one corner crushed and icing everywhere…it’s her 70th this year…no repeat performance I hope !!!

  10. I (thankfully) have yet to have a birthday cake mishap! Loved the review though, Caketoppers sound really good and I love that cake topper in particular 🙂

  11. I just simply can’t bake, I like to try though. These look absolutely perfect for my sons birthday

  12. I made my daughter a first birthday cake and hired a mould. It was open at the bottom and I didn’t realise you had to line it with baking paper – I poured the mixture into the mould and baked it in the oven and it was as flat as a pancake where it had all poured out the bottom! I still had to serve it at her birthday party.

  13. These cakes look great! Worse than no mishaps I have never baked a cake for my daughter as my baking skills are zero and I still remember my mishaps when baking as a teen! Though I think I need to try!

  14. When I was at school I was going to make my brother a Liverpool t-shirt birthday cake as part of my GCSE’s but because I could not find the right equipment it looked like a yellow brick instead.

  15. I have found in the past that it looks set, but isn’t quite, or the mixture hasn’t been mixed properly.

  16. I have a cake fail every year for my daughters birthday as i can never decorate it as well as i think i can!

  17. When I was little I accidently lent over the cake candles and set fire to my hair, the smell was horrible and my dad threw water over me that went all over the cake aswell.

  18. I once made a carrot cake and forgot to put the carrot in!!!!!!! Don’t ask me how on Earth I managed that xxx

  19. my mum used to get a lady doen the road to make my birthday cakes when i was a kid they were very cool

  20. When I was a kid I had a habit of blowing out my candles but swinging my head forward over the flame…we had several near misses with eyebrows and hair – Luckily this is a habit I have grown out of!

  21. I think my absolute worst was when i decided to bake my daughters 3rd birthday cake… I wanted to bake a butterfly with icing and jewels using sweets… I tried to bake the cake base 10 ten times and it just would not rise, I used many recipes from families and friends and the internet but no… i finally got one to rise and it was ok… i put the icing sheet on and off i went through about 5 sheets and in the end.. i put it all in the bin… i had spent well over £100 on this and I had nothing 😛 to make matters worse i had to go back to asda and spend £10 on a Birthday cake… i swore i would never bake again hahah

  22. I’m quite good at baking but can be clumsy -have dropped several of my creations AND had to leave them for the dog!!

  23. I’m not a good baker, sadly my sponge cakes are always flat or lob sided! You can hide a lot with icing though 😂

  24. i love that you can use photos, logos or even drawings to personalise your choice of cake, so it makes it really unique.

  25. Those cakes look fab!
    I cheat when it comes to birthday cakes I buy them….hehehe I did order my youngest one a few years ago. I think it was a Disney princess one and Asda substituted it for a one she didn’t like at all. Oops.

  26. Like trying new cake recipes for my daughters birthday – baked a sponge that had a strange texture so made my usual and put the other one out for the birds and even they wouldn’t eat it !

  27. I’m not great at baking but I can make coffee cake for some strange reason? I don’t know why.

  28. I had a go at making a Barney the dinosaur birthday cake for my daughter, a couple of the comments I got were, “is it a fish”, and “its more like mr blobby” needless to say, I haven’t attempted another cake since!

  29. I ordered my husband a car cake for his 50th birthday last year it was the best cake ever he loves cars he had never had a birthday cake in his life can you believe it his face was a picture I will never forget it