2021 Is The Year Of Garden Staycation: Here’s How To Plan Yours

Yes, restrictions around travel and social interaction are indeed beginning to lift after the pandemic! (Thank goodness!) However, overseas travel for holidays is still something that many of us are reluctant to do. Additionally getting a space in UK accommodation whether hotel or campsite seems almost impossible right now as most are already booked up. However, all is not lost! Indeed, it is perfectly possible to opt for a garden staycation for your summer break this year. Read on to find out how to plan yours…

Shelter & shade 

In the UK the weather tends to be changeable at best. With that in mind, making sure you have somewhere to shelter from the blazing sun, or the rain is a smart move. The good news is there is a range of options to consider from putting up a summer house to erecting a sun sail. 

Of course, it’s best to do little research into which is the best option for your budget before you decide.  You may even find that a new outdoor parasol meets your needs perfectly. 


One of the things that can help you to feel most like you are on holiday, even in your own back garden is having the right seating. Indeed, for a real summer staycation feel there are two types of seats you will need. The first of these are some old-fashioned deck chairs in bright colors. Position them near the sandpit for an authentic British seaside beach feel?! (Ok, that is a stretch too far maybe, I know!)  

Additionally investing in some sun loungers can work wonders and make you feel as if you are truly on vacation. Indeed, as soon as you recline them, close your eyes, and start soaking up the sun it feels as if you could be in a fancy resort somewhere. 


While the grownups may be happy to sit and soak up the sun, read, or listen to music, it is likely they won’t get the peace and quiet to do this unless there are some activities to keep the kids busy as well. 

With that in mind, investing in a paddling pool or even an above-ground swimming pool can be a great idea. After all, what is it that kids tend to spend 95% of their time doing when they are on holiday? Yes – swimming in the sea or the pool. Therefore if you can recreate this option for them, you will be able to ensure that everyone in the family has the best staycation possible. 

2021 Is The Year Of Garden Staycations: Here's How To Plan Yours

Try a tent 

Last of all, if you really crave a change of scene, what about putting up a tent in your backyard and camping there? OK, so I know it’s only a few feet from your home, but you will get to have all the positive experience of sleeping outside and it can provide you and your whole family with some much-needed novel experiences. 

Of course, if you get fed up in the night, no one will judge you if you decide to head inside and sleep in your warm and comfortable bed either. Indeed, that is the brilliant thing about staycations – you get to be in control of the whole experience!

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