2007 Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Buying Guide

Maintain an environmentally friendly commute by inspecting and maintaining your 2007 Toyota Prius catalytic converter. Find out how this crucial component reduces emissions and how you can replace yours if it’s damaged.

What Do Catalytic Converters Do?

Some natural byproducts of your engine are carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. These fumes are not only harmful to people, but also damaging to the environment.

By acting as a catalyst, your 2007 Toyota Prius catalytic converter separates nitrogen and oxygen, then oxidizes hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. The result is significantly reduced levels of air pollution from a vehicle.

How To Replace Your Catalytic Converters

Don’t drive without a converter or with a clogged system. If you have a few hours and intermediate DIY skills, pick up these items to prepare for a DIY Toyota Prius catalytic converter replacement:

• Ratchet and socket set

• Breaker bar, wrenches and a hammer

• Specialty exhaust pipe cutter, available at a reputable auto parts store

• Jack and stands

• Replacement catalytic converter

• Replacement exhaust hangers and gaskets

Park your vehicle on flat, level ground and wait for it to completely cool before working on your exhaust system. Safely lift it up and block it off before you crawl under your Prius.

Once you locate the catalytic converter, you’ll need to remove the O2 sensors. You may need to use a penetrant spray to loosen corroded bolts. Some catalytic converters are welded in, while others have flanges. A welded converter must be cut out, which requires a specialty cutter and additional protective gear.

Remove the old converter and prepare the area for your new one. Connect the new catalytic converter and use the gaskets and hangers to ensure a safe and secure seal. Reconnect the O2 sensors.

This process is relatively easy if you have a flanged component that’s designed for your year of Prius. Choose components from a highly rated auto parts store to be sure you’re purchasing exactly what you need.

Test out your work before a long drive. There shouldn’t be any leaks around the system or warning lights illuminated.

Signs Your Catalytic Converter Needs To Be Replaced

Before taking on this task, consider the signs that your catalytic converter needs to be replaced. The most common sign is a strong odor. If your exhaust fumes smell like rotten eggs, then you may have a clogged or ineffective converter.

Reduced engine power, unusual exhaust coloring and a check engine light are all signs that it’s time to take on this task. The connected O2 sensors monitor the airflow of your catalytic converter and alert your engine warning system if there’s not enough airflow around this component.

2007 Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Buying Guide

Where To Find a Highly Rated Auto Parts

Prevent your Prius from unleashing harmful chemicals into the air with a fully restored exhaust system. Shop for a highly rated catalytic converter replacement kit online or at your nearby auto parts store today. Don’t continue to drive with a clogged converter or a leaking exhaust system. Learn more about catalytic converter troubleshooting and replacement tips before handling this DIY project in your garage.

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