Fungi Facts – #30DaysWild

I received an email from Grow Wild (Kew Gardens) recently all about fungi. There are free downloads on their website with lots of interesting information and even a fun(gi) quiz to do too! So I decided my challenge for today would be to do a mini project on fungi, then share with you some of the fascinating facts I learned!

So here are 5 cool things you might not have known about fungi…

  • Fungi is closer to a creature than a plant.
  • Fungi can be found in space!
  • We depend on fungi to survive.
  • Fungi has been around for millions of years; it preceeds dinosaurs.
  • Chocolate, amongst other food and drink, contains fungus!

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    Here is an ode to fungi too…

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      1. This is really interesting! I knew that we depend on fungi to survive. But what’s really interesting and what I didn’t know is that fungi has been around for millions of years; that it preceeds dinosaurs! thanks for sharing this!


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