Four Ways To Boost Your Immune System

The immune system can be described as a group or network of cells, tissues, and organs that function as the body’s first line of defense to ensure protection from viruses and organisms that cause diseases. Numerous researches have indicated that the strength of the immune system doesn’t rely on genetics but on lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet, sleep, and stress.

Although no drug has been found to instantly boost a person’s immunity, it’s a no brainer that some simple positive lifestyle changes can strengthen the immune system and enhance the defense against viruses. These steps vary but here are some measures you can adopt to boost your immune health.

You can take supplements

Taking an all-round multi-vitamin supplement is an ideal way to ensure your receipt of the necessary levels of vitamins and minerals if your diet is not very rich. Vitamin D has been found to improve immunity although the research is still ongoing. Vitamin C and probiotics are also recommended.

Sleep well at night

The body rests and is restored whilst a person sleeps. Studies have also shown that folks who don’t get quality sleep are likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus in comparison to those that do.

Viruses like a common cold virus is a norm amongst folks that don’t have healthy night sleep. Lack of sleep also reduces one’s speed of recovery from sickness. If you lack adequate sleep, your body will provide fewer cytokines; a type of protein that targets inflammations and infections, and creates an immune response to fight against them.

Improve the health of your gut

It’s advisable to consume at least 5 – 10 fruits and vegetables daily. It has been established that the gut houses 70 to 80% of the body’s immune cell and therefore consumption of colorful fruits and vegetables is recommended daily. Do well to reduce the intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates including junk foods, alcohol, and cigarettes. It should be known that the body’s immunity is weakened by foods that convert to sugar.

Do well to avoid stress

You should know that your immune system is related to your stress levels. Although stress alone won’t expose one to a virus, it can weaken the immune system and hamper its response to diseases. Stress ensures that the fight-or-flight reaction in the body is turned on, thereby making the body overly exposed to cortisol and other stress hormones. The end result is that the cells of the immune system won’t be able to provide the normal response, resulting in levels of inflammation that deplete immunity.

Meanwhile, you can reduce stress by engaging in daily meditation exercises, focusing on deep breathing, and limiting exposure to every form of negativity, amongst other practices that can be adopted. Exercising in a natural environment for at least 20 minutes in a day has been found to reduce the main stress hormone known as cortisol. Another popular mindfulness activity you can do is crocheting or knitting. If you want to try it out, visit Yarnie and subscribe to their weekly newsletter, which delivers a lot of free crochet patterns for beginners

Finding a relaxing hobby, taking part in a fun activity, or enjoying a date night with your loved one helps to reduce stress levels. As mentioned, this could be anything from croquet to karaoke, or a Vegas style games night signup here to a cosy movie evening. Or maybe just an indulging self-care pamper evening. Whatever helps you to release any stress and relax!

*This is a collaborative post

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