How Much Can You Cut The Cost Of Buying A House

Mortgages are a daunting prospect for many. Given that it’s likely to be the biggest expense that the majority of us are ever going to make in our lives, it’s no surprise that buying a home isn’t cheap. However, that doesn’t mean that you have no wiggle room to control the costs at all. Here, we’re going to look at a few tips to help you get the best deal on a new property, from the bank to the buying and beyond…

Get yourself in the best position for your mortgage

Even if it doesn’t affect the actual price of the home, the specific terms of the mortgage certainty affect how much you have to pay for it in terms of interest rates and other fees. To get the best mortgage available, you need to get yourself in the best position available. This means not only putting together a bigger deposit but taking a closer look at your credit, too. Getting current with all accounts, decreasing your credit utilization, and checking your credit report for erroneous black marks you can correct will all help.

Be picky with mortgages 

When you’re in a good position to pick out the best possible mortgage, then it’s important to make sure you’re scanning the market for the most advantageous deal available. However, since most people aren’t exactly professionals at getting mortgages, you should consider working with those who are, such as a mortgage broker. A good mortgage broker will look at your current circumstances, your aims, and help you find not only what loans are available to you, but which are most financially viable in the long-term, too.

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Timing does matter

It might not turn a seven-figure house into a six-figure house, but waiting for the right time to buy can be a great idea. Not only do you give yourself more time to get ready to buy a house, but if you wait to winter, you will find that there are few people scanning the market, thus allowing you a bit of negotiating advantage. However, the notion of “waiting for the market” is rarely good advice, since no-one can predict how real estate is going to move on the best of days.

Negotiation does work

Again, you should manage your expectations when it comes to negotiating a house price. You’re not likely to halve the costs or anything. However, if you do your research and find data on the prices of similar homes, have the advantage of being one of the few people looking at the property seriously, and use that leverage, you can negotiate the price of a property. Just don’t think you can play hardball and get away with it. Buyers will walk away from sales if you’re taking things too far.

Don’t forget that there are opportunities to save when it comes to other services, such as working with inspectors, conveyancers, and real estate agents. Choosing your partners carefully can help you avoid the hidden fees so many of them like to tack on.

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