Sylvanian Families Cake Shop Review and Giveaway

We love Sylvanian Families; we think they are so cute and collectable (and also have educational value too!) Squiggle has a huge ever- increasing collection and loves looking at the website or browsing the catalogue to see what she can add to her wishlist next! So I think I might have been nearly as excited as she was when we received the fab Sylvanian Families Village Cake Shop to review…

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The cake shop comes with the mum of the Toy Poodle family, who is the shopkeeper, and alot of lovely little accessories to stock up the shop with. There are 90 bits in total, including the figure, shop, till, cake stands, counters, various cakes, boxes, piping, tongs and other cool stuff. Not everything included is pictured in my photos because Squiggle inevitably spreads half of it across the floor within 10 seconds of opening it… but that just makes it all the more realistic – after all, you wouldn’t expect such a delicious cake shop to be fully stocked at all times, would you?!

Sylvanian Families, village cake shop, Poodle Sylvanian, review, giveaway, toys, imaginative play, gift ideas, Living Life Our Way

Sylvanian Families, village cake shop, Poodle Sylvanian, review, giveaway, toys, imaginative play, gift ideas, Living Life Our Way

Sylvanian Families, village cake shop, Poodle Sylvanian, review, giveaway, toys, imaginative play, gift ideas, Living Life Our Way

Anyway, back to the review….

What I really love about this set – and other Sylvanian Families sets too – is the quality and attention to detail. Squiggle said “I think it’s very cool the way the cake stacks up to make a big cake.” When asked what her favourite part of the set is, she said “Those strawberry filling cakes looked very yummy!” It is also great for fine motor skills, as you will see when you watch the video…

(I just love her giggle too!)

Sylvanian Families Village Cake Shop (rrp £39.99) is available in stores now.

Sylvanian Families, village cake shop, Poodle Sylvanian, review, giveaway, competition, prize, win, toys, imaginative play, gift ideas, Living Life Our Way

Sylvanian Families Village Cake Shop Giveaway!

One incredibly lucky reader can win their very own awesome cake shop. To be in with a chance to win this fabulous prize, simply enter via rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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Ends 6th October 2017. Open to UK residents only. Other T&Cs apply.

*Disclosure: We received the village cake shop free of charge for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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221 thoughts on “Sylvanian Families Cake Shop Review and Giveaway”

  1. I don’t have a favourite set but I love the fact they are all little families. I think it’s super cute to think of little families of animals living together in their own little world

  2. I love the Sylvanian families supermarket and also the cake shop. I love all the tiny accessories and detail x

  3. I love the Sylvanian Families Family Table And Chairs its lovely to see the family sitting together at the table and would like to convey this on to my little grandson how nice it is for a family to spend time together.

  4. What a wonderful giveaway. I love Sylvanian Families as they are so cute and both my daughters love playing with them making up their own stories.

  5. My daughter received her first sylvanian family set last month for her 7th birthday. Her grandparents bought her the car and bear family

  6. I donated all my collection to my niece and she spends hours playing with it. It wasn’t really a set just odd pieces but she loves them all especially the pram

  7. My twin daughters only have one set so far with two families living in it. They love the fuzzy cute characters

  8. I love the fact that I used to play with them and now my daughter really loves them. They are expensive but they provide hours of fun. Thank you

  9. I had a huge collection when I was little, i mean huge! My favourite was a school
    Building I had with a teacher and the children. I honestly loved them so much and I’m gutted that I didn’t keep them ( I’m sure my mum and dad sold them on a carboot sale!) My daughter loves them now!

  10. My kids always adored ‘Cottontail Rabbit’ family. We had lots of fabulous adventures together:-) Now my little nieces Ruby and Scarlett have reached age to love all the wonderful wee families so this would be perfect Christmas present for them x

  11. i love the fact that they have been around for years and will always be loved by kids and adults alike, the sets can all be joined together with any imagination at all

  12. My daughter has just started collecting, so I’m loving it as someone who never got any Sylvanians as a child, aha. She only has one set so far, the fruit and veg stall. Everything is so beautiful and detailed.

  13. My daughter has started a collection, I have to admit i think the Hedgehog family are really cute. Lovely giveaway x

  14. I love them and I don’t really know much about them but would love to win this for my little granddaughter.

  15. i loved sylvannians when i was little but i always had to play at friends houses as my mum never would get them… i love the most right now is i can buy them for my own kids and get to play too.

  16. I love these so much my childhood was all about these. My daughter has a tree house one at her nanny’s

  17. I love that these have been around for so long. I remember as a kid being desperate for these little cutie pies and there is always such attention to detail. I love the little bits that come with it and how you can build the sets up.

  18. My daughter loves her sylvanians! Her Christmas list is full of all things sylvanian, especially the striped cat family!

  19. My favourite are the Hedgehog family because I remember them from when I was young, and it takes me right back 🙂 I loved my Sylvanian Families and had hours of fun!

  20. We love them all but if we had to choose it would be the striped cat family as we are a cat loving family.

  21. I loved my sylvanian families as a child and would love for my children to have some to play with some too! The school house was my favourite!

  22. It is hard to choose the best set or family. But I really love the Hedgehog Family… they look so cute with their prickles!

  23. I love the fact that Sylvanian Families are always great to look at even if you aren’t playing with them. They are so detailed that they always look brilliant just on display. x

  24. I love the “Milk Rabbit” Family but all the families are so cute, I also love the Morris Minor – reminds me of days out as a family when I was younger

  25. I love that my daughter loves playing with them as much as I did as a child and I love the cottages as I think the furniture that you can buy and collect to put in each room is such a lovely hobby xx

  26. My daughter loves Crystal Babblebrook the best out of her Sylvanians – she was ‘inherited’ from a big girl we know. She has the Silk Cat family, too, with prettier dresses, but Crystal is her favourite.

  27. I really love all the Sylvanian families. Their homes and cars all look so well made and welcoming. The characters are so cute and loveable.

  28. I had several of them as a child, my favourites were the twin kittens. I so wish I’d kept them, as my little girl would have loved them.

  29. I love them all! I loved them as a child, I love that my daughter loves them now. They are just so adorable, I took my daughter to London for her 7th birthday this year and we went to Hamleys just to look. Couldn’t believe the Sylvanians there it was like a Sylvanian world!

  30. This is beautiful! My mum used to have the hotel, and one of my first memories is washing one of the baby ducks (do not recommend).

    Does Squiggle not want to keep it?

  31. This would be my daughter’s dream play set. We don’t yet own anything from the Sylvanian Family range but she has played with some of the range at her friends house and makes lots of little stories with the characters.

  32. Love that they are animal families. We love animals. We live as family / group, etc :- So we need to find our place/s within the different groups. Family being the first one we are likely to encounter. Role play, etc.

  33. I absolutely LOVED Sylvanian Families as a child and still love them now! I have always loved the caravan and shops and I used to play with them all of the time. I also loved the Timbertop family the most and have been trying to hunt down a reasonably priced westie family recently!

  34. I love the detailed little houses & buildings that come with them – I always wanted Sylvanian Families but never had many, and I think my little girl would love them!

  35. I have such fond memories playing with them, the 80’s with my Sister, we used to set them up, and they had a whole backstory, we would play for hours! I am so glad my children and family can keep playing, I wish I still had our old sets

  36. I love all the little teeny tiny things that come in a set, everything is so perfect. It makes opening a new box quite exciting, as we discover things. Keeping track of them once they are being played with is another matter😊

  37. I love how cute they are … Plus they remind me of my childhood shopping with my Gran in the toy section at Woolworth’s!

  38. My favourite (oh and my daughters as they are her toys.) 😳 is the boutique, so cute, the little handbags are really pretty

  39. I love that the Sylvanian has been around since I was a little girl and it hasn’t actually changed that much! Now my little girl enjoys playing with them! Its lovely to see something that hasn’t been ruined by technology etc

  40. I love their sweet, tiny outfits, they make me feel like getting some fabric scraps and trying to make some tiny clothes myself
    Jane Willis

  41. I used to love playing with Sylvanian families as a child and would love to start a collection for my four year old daughter to play with. 🙂

  42. I absolutely love the Sylvanians, I used to play with them when I was a little girl and now my little one plays with them we adore the little hedgehog family! So so cute!!