Do Not Throw Your Unwanted Items Away, Partage Them! (AD)

Did you know that around £30 billion worth of unused clothes are sitting in UK’s wardrobes and more than 272K tons of furniture are available for re-use each year in the UK? This is one of the main problems that Partage is tackling.

“Partage is a platform that aims to fight against overconsumption and waste and encourage a sustainable consumption.”

About Partage

Set up by brothers Boris and Isaac Kwemo, it lets users donate and pick up household items in exchange for points. Items on the site range from fashion and tech to books, games and furniture. The other interesting part is the exclusive partnership Partage has with sustainable brands in clothing, food and furniture. You can save up points to get special offers from the site’s eco-friendly partners.

Boris says: “I had the idea as a student – sadly a while ago – when I was frequently moving house and couldn’t find an easy way to sell or get rid of items. Also, the waste produced every day was alarming. Having a technology background, it was very clear to me that this major problem had to be solved by building a platform where people can easily give or get rid of their items and have some benefits in return. Partage brings together likeminded people and companies to recycle, reuse and cut waste.”

Boris - Partage

Isaac says: “When I was in was in the second year of my bachelor’s degree I worked on an entrepreneurial project on food waste. From then on, I realised that the waste market was very large and that this loss of efficiency was a problem that needed to be solved. This experience reinforced my environmental awareness.”

Isaac - Partage

Find Out More

To find out more about Partage, or to sign up, check out their website (When you join, you will get 10 free points to get you started too!)

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15 thoughts on “Do Not Throw Your Unwanted Items Away, Partage Them! (AD)”

  1. This is a good idea, finding ways for items to be reused is a good thing! I learned that some of the big donation boxes just throw clothes and similar items away, what a shame when there are people that could use some of them.

  2. This is such a brilliant idea! I am trying to be more mindful of what I buy which in turn means I am not in a situation where I have lots to get rid of x

  3. This is such an amazing idea! I live with my friends and we often have things we no longer need or want. While we do take things to the charity shops where possible and put things outside our house for people to take, we still end up with a lot of waste. I’ll definitely be forwarding this on to them and checking it out – wherever possible, it’s great to reuse and recycle. Thanks for sharing!


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