Dad’s DIY Conservatory

My dad has no formal qualifications in construction but he is naturally very DIY minded and loves a good project to get his hands on and teeth into. I remember him spending hours tinkering around with cars, doing lottle repairs and improvements around the house, or making things for the garden.

Back in the 90s, whilst growing up in our family home, he decided to embark on the rather ambitious project of building us a conservatory. That same conservatory remains standing over 20 years later and still doesn’t leak! I am so proud of him!

DIY conservatory

What is even better is that he actually made this from reclaimed materials. His place of work (a school) were knocking down an old art building as part of a huge redesign and expansion of their facilities. This led to them having surplus building materials that would have otherwise gone to waste but were perfect for what he needed to construct the conservatory he had always wanted. So he asked if he could make use of it and got underway!

It might not be the most fancy conservatory you have ever seen, and it is starting to look just a little tatty now (or so he says!) – it could probably do with a lick of paint and possibly even some replacement windows – but what an achievement to have created that with used materials and his bare hands! Well done Dad!

*This is a collaborative post.

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