Creating a Care Package for Your Favorite Wanderer

For many people, the idea of a slow-paced, predictable, and consistent lifestyle is exactly what they want and dream of. For others though, being on the move and living a lifestyle that is flexible and full of changes of scenery and experiences is the only way they can imagine living their lives. But exploring and living a life on the go doesn’t eliminate some of the basic needs of life—which is why each wanderer should have a worthy care package that is efficient and effective along life’s journey.

Creating a Care Package for Your Favorite Wanderer

Stationery Supplies

Sure, they want to live a life that is free-flowing and full of adventure—but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be in touch with the ones they love and maintain contact. Oftentimes, the wanderers in our lives are the lenses for us to see adventure through—and what better way to hear from your wanderer than through adventure themed greeting cards.

Today’s world is full of technological advances that make staying in touch with our friends and family literally as easy as the click of a button. Technology is important and these advances are certainly tools that any wanderer can utilize during their ever-moving life. However, the art of written communication and expression can really increase the adventure for both the wanderer and those with whom communication is happening.

Laundry Essentials

It doesn’t matter how much one likes to live their life on the go, there are still some manners of basic upkeep that can’t be neglected—even if a new scene meets each new day. Laundry is crucial for those living the wanderer’s lifestyle and it’s equally important to have ease and simplicity when it comes to doing laundry on the go, and nothing makes on-the-go laundry easier and more efficient than OdorCrush.

One needs to be smart when packing for a roaming adventure, and more often than not, space is a problem. Andt with the many wrinkle guards, scented laundry sprays, and dryer sheets available it may seem impossible to take laundry supplies with them. Including dryer balls in your care package will ensure that your favorite wanderer will be more than prepared to take care of life’s basic needs.


Let’s face it, when you live a life on-the-go, you don’t have the luxury of large, roomy luggage to travel with. Those that wander must have luggage that uses every available space strategically and efficiently. When looking for luggage for your favorite wanderer, be sure to find something with protective spaces for the greeting cards and stationery you’re supplying for them, as well as a compartment that can be dedicated to laundry supplies. The rest of the strategic packing is up to them!

Your family or friend who lives a life on-the-go will be grateful that you have taken the time to help them prepare for their journey, and that you have provided them with some tools necessary to be successful and efficient. You will sleep better each night knowing that they are comfortable, clean, in communication with you, and having the time of their life.

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