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Worldwide, billions of people use social media across multiple platforms. Through these incredibly popular sites we remain constantly available and connected to the world at large. As a business, there’s no better way to increase brand awareness than social media. In fact, for bloggers, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a vital part of putting across our thoughts and sharing real life human experiences. However, even larger companies stand to gain from recognising this fact. The thing is, day-to-day there’s still work to do but you can’t guarantee availability at the best time for your customers. You need to be smart, connected and continuously engaging but also, you need to operate business as normal. When it comes down to it, either you need dedicated social media staff across multiple time zones, or you need a way of planning and scheduling your posts and content. That is why social media schedulers such as ContentCal are so beneficial…

Introducing ContentCal

Originally formed as a social media marketing agency back in 2014, the company rebranded in 2016 with the launch of their product ContentCal. The idea being to offer proven strategies, social media marketing practices and effective workflows to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

That’s what ContentCal is; a professional, stylish social media scheduler with resources and features specifically designed with businesses in mind.


More than just another content scheduler, ContentCal also has a robust selection of features orientated around a meaningful portfolio of performance and analytical tools. Here are some of the top features available:

• Post scheduler.
• Accurate post previewer.
• Grammarly support.
• Ideas notebook.
• Multiuser collaboration on posts, with the ability to share, authorise (or not) posts and create workflows.
• Snippets storage for tags or commonly used phrases.
• Content Hub to centralise all content.
• Integration tools, allowing users to use take ideas directly from their browser to ContentCal or share with communication tools such as Slack.
• Analytic and metric reporting and exporting.
• Webinars, tutorials and videos.

Why Choose ContentCal?

I feel like the strength with the service comes in its all-in-one social media approach. For businesses, this is excellent. Whilst there are many social media tools out there on the market, small businesses especially would gain a lot from ContentCal. Whilst I’m not sure that single employee companies will get the most out of these tools, those collaborating on social media projects with other businesses (or bloggers) would also get a great deal out of them.

The smooth, simple to use interface is accompanied by a whole heap of tutorials and videos to keep users planning and decrease downtime. Not that I felt these were needed in my time with the calendar and scheduling functionality. However, having the instructions there is very reassuring.

In Conclusion

ContentCal is professional, feature rich and easy to use. It enables strong business practices and works extremely well for multi-user setups. There are a variety of price points based on single, multi and large-scale user and calendar requirements (one calendar is essentially the social media portfolio of one company). More than anything though it appreciates your time and doesn’t needlessly waste it by overcomplicating simple processes.

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